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Angela's Schedule

Angela is currently working on art projects and the new business she and her husband share "my fine art photos". You can visit her and her husband's art photo site at www.myfineartphotos.com. She has always been an artist at heart and is now enjoying the creative process again to the fullest. Photography, computer art and hand painting finished peices has been successful for them. They are now being represented by several fine art galleries in the North West at this time.

She is also working towards finishing her audio teaching series for training others about how to develop their abilities for spirit contact, astral travel, having and recalling spiritual dreams, ghost busting and learning about being a spiritual medium. She still does some palmistry/intuitve readings for internet clients who connect with her through  www.spirit-eagle.com/reading.html mostly during the winter season when she is not traveling to do commissioned photos and artwork on a regular basis. She teaches palmistry through the internet following the by lines of the APPA and interacts with her palmistry students who are from all over the world through cyber space.

Since 2004, Angela has enjoyed doing palmistry readings for celebrities such as: Ashton Kutcher, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Orlando Bloom Usher, Hillary Duff, Gwen Stefani , The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus (Just to mention a few) by writing for a fun monthly column in Tiger Beat Magazine.

Palmistry/Hand Analysis Classes:

Click Here to see the detailed description of the contents of each palmistry lesson in the
American Professional Palmistry Association Program
in the list below.

The APPA Palmistry Lessons are offered in three different types of programs.

(1) The "shopping cart study" program. (Our newest program) Which is receiving the lessons on a computer diskette through a credit card sale.

(2). The" normal study" program. Which is receiving the lessons through the e-mail twice a month and purchased through the mail-in form.

(3). The "Sampler study"program. Which is receiving individual special interest lessons only that are sent to you through e-mail and purchased through the mail in form.


You can also Sign up for On-line Palmistry Lessons (our "normal study" program) through the e-mail Now!  

They are on-going - and You can Begin at any time!!!

If you would rather study palmistry in a more personal student to teacher manner, than perhaps you may want to try Angela's "normal study" program of on-line Palmistry Lessons. The detailed APPA palmistry/hand-analysis lessons are sent to you two times a month through e-mail to you personally. With this approach to your hand studies you may constantly interact with Angela through e-mail each step of the way through the APPA program. Many students enjoy this method of study because they are able to discuss their thoughts with and ask detailed questions of Angela as they study. This type of study costs only the small fee of $20 a month that must be paid through the mail. Click here for the necessary information and sign-up form.


You can try our "Sampler study" Program because our Palmistry lessons can NOW also be bought individually -- out of their normal succession-- if you are studying palmistry facts just for fun and you have a specific area of the hand you want to know about from Angela's point of view!!!!
You can pick any lesson that has the subject about palmistry which intrigues you and order it now.

Click Here to see the detailed description of each palmistry lesson in the list below.

The material offered in these lessons will meet the guidelines of the American Professional Palmistry Association. You will learn details, old secrets about hands and techniques for reading your own hand and reading other's hands with accurate success.

  If you so choose after doing 6 months of consecutive lessons (That is taking the first 12 consecutive lessons) in either the "normal study" and the "shopping cart study " palmistry programs, you can take a special interactive test. If you successfully fulfill its requirements proving you understand the program's information you will receive certification through the U.S. Mail qualifying you to be a First Level Palmist within the American Professional Palmistry Association.

The full "normal study" APPA professional palmistry program is one year long or a full 24 lessons to complete. You can be certified as a professional in six months to be a "first level" professional, and then after one year or 24 full lessons of study, you can be considered a "full  professional palmist" when you complete the program and fulfill the requirements of review by the APPA.  That is you must study all lessons in succession from lesson one through lesson twenty four and take the required quizzes. You then will have to complete a special interactive review test. This testing and certification offer is also included in the "shopping cart study" program. However, the student who purchases the entire program at once may complete the certification requirements at the time of the completion of their study, which is totally at their discretion because they can study the program at their own personal speed.

After one year of completed lessons within the"normal study" or upon completion of the "shopping cart study" palmistry lesson programs, you will automatically qualify to become a member of the American Professional Palmistry Association. You then have the choice of having your name placed on the APPA's recognition list as a Professional Palmist. Being listed there qualifies you to be recommended by the APPA as a professional palmist in your geographical area.

The American Professional Palmistry Association Palmistry lessons directory listing.
Each lesson in the APPA palmistry program is named separately -  WHY???  Because you can buy each lesson singly for $15.00 each. The purchase of single lessons is part of the "Sampler study program".
This is a a much requested exciting offer!!!!
Previously you had to be a student and follow the program lessons in succession  from lesson 1 through lesson 24, in order to view,  read or study any of the lessons.
The form below is for "the sampler study" and "normal study" programs only. The lessons are e-mailed and the offer is for mail in orders only --
(If you want to order lessons with your credit card and use the secured shopping cart
check out the special offer of 2 months of palmistry lessons on one diskette -- Click Here Now!!!)

You can print out this form list below and check off the lessons you want to study. Be sure your e-mail address is case correct and exact. Please e-mail us with your address to assure we have it accurately to expedite the sending out of your lessons.
Send a check for $15.00 of U.S. Currency for each individual lesson and Mail through U.S. Mail to:

TAM Enterprises  4050 Cloverlawn Dr.  Grants Pass, OR  97527   USA

Name ___________________________________________  E-mail address______________________________
Street Address or P.O.Box #_________________________________  State ________________     Country_______________  Phone _______________
Detailed and descriptive list of individual APPA Palmistry lessons.
__Lesson #1  Learning the rules for reading hands accurately and intuitively. 
Studying  hand dominancy and thumbset for understanding personality qualities. 
__Lesson#13  Learning all about the heart line and the understanding the line of Simian in the palm in reference to the client's  personality, talents, and their relationships. 
__Lesson #2  Studying the thumb in-depth - Because some schools of thought about Palmistry do an entire reading through analyzing  the thumb's traits and markings.  __Lesson #14 Studying the fate line in-depth. Understanding how to use it as the major resource for predicting life's events, situations, relationships and job changes in a reading. 
__Lesson #3 Reading the backs of hands and finger knuckles for talents, 
future predictions & past life info. Learning about the Index 
finger and its phalange meanings within a reading.
__Lesson #15 Learning more details about the fate line. Studying the lines of Apollo and Mercury to gather exact and detailed information about intuition, success, health and career for your client.
__Lesson #4  Reading fingerset, finger spaces for understanding the personality. Studying the phalanges of the ring and middle 
fingers for understanding and analyzing personality traits and career pathways.
__Lesson #16 Studying the lesser lines in the palm -the lines of children, marriage/affection, Mars, and the sister lines and understanding their strong impact upon a reading.
__Lesson #5 Reading the little finger for understanding  personality  traits and career pathways. Studying the base of the finger knuckles on the back of the hand for doing predictions in a reading. __Lesson #17 Studying more of the lesser lines in the palm, The Girdle of Venus, success lines, bracelets, dream lines and more other minute indications  for deepening and expanding upon the reading's meaning of  your client.
__Lesson #6 Studying a sample reading of the backs of a student's hand from a photocopy using all the indications studied in the first five lessons. __Lesson #18 Learning about fingerprints, dermal patterns in the palm which tell of inherited traits and innate talents of the client. (An essential for doing career counseling.)
__Lesson #7 Studying the four elemental hand types an their impact with references to an ancient system of Palmistry used to read the personality of a client. Understanding Universal symbols 
commonly found in the hand (Circles, Stars, etc.).
__Lesson #19 Doing a  reading from a hand print instead of a photocopy . Discerning  its advantages and disadvantages. This lesson  includes an actual reading of a student's palm from a photocopy.
__Lesson # 8 Learning how to identify the blends of the four elemental hand types and understanding what they mean in a reading. 
Studying the old  seven hand type system of reading hands.
__Lesson #20 Focusing upon your client's health through a study of  the hand. - Studying the many signs and  observing  special markings, dermal patterns and lines that tell you a secrets and details about the health of your client. 
__Lesson # 9 Studying the mounts of the palm, identifying them, learning 
their indications in a reading and understanding the usual 
and  unusual marks to be found on them to give a meaningful reading for your client.
_Lesson # 21 Studying the hand for directing indications which will help a client determine a successful vocation and enjoyable career paths that fit their talents and personality. (Again a must for career counseling and client's making a life change..)
__Lesson#10 Identifying the major lines in the palm: -the life, head, heart, fate, health, Mercury, Apollo and marriage/affection lines, the Ring of Solomon, the bracelets and others. Plus learning  how to print a hand correctly for doing a dermal reading and a deeper study of all the delicate lines found in the palm..  __Lesson #22 Reading about  money and success through all the appropriate indications in  the hand. - Learning how to determine the timing for such events and discovering what capacities there are for opportunities for success. This lesson thoroughly covers how a client will get money and happiness into their lives.
__Lesson#11 Exploring in-depth and learning all about the life line in order to identify life's situations, events and the timing of them for predicting or the identification of the past circumstances which are effecting the client's present life conditions. _Lesson # 23 Reading the hand for an analysis to tell all about  love, romance and a deep understanding about your client's  family relationships through combining all the related appropriate indications to tell the possible story and timing of these events and situations in your client's lifetime.
_Lesson # 12 Studying the head line in-depth, through looking at its different pathways, beginnings, and ending placements  to help your client better understand their own thinking and emotional  patterns. Plus to help them predict the effectiveness of their ideas and inspirations by using this information to help them identify and time their mental opportunities. _Lesson # 24 Reading the hand for all the spiritual indications; Learn how to read about the client's  past lives, their soul path, determine their psychic abilities and show them the presence of helping spirits through special indications in their hands.

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