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http://www.spirit-eagle.com/eastwest.html Learn about acupressure secrets to help yourself feel energized and well for free! Victoria Mogilner shares her wonderful healing energy and knowledge with you on this great web site. Victoria Mogilner shares her wonderful healing energy and knowledge with you on this great web site. Some exciting News!!!! Victoria's new book is published. It gives you wonderfully healthful acupressure techniques to do to take years off your facial appearance. This technique can match the results of a face lift without actual surgery. I have worked with this new technique. The results are absolutely miraculous!!!! See her information in the Better Homes and Garden Magazine article "Healthy You" page 314 in the October 2007 issue. Congratulations, Victoria!!!!

http://www.myfineartphotos.com Wow How Exciting! Click here to see and buy Angela's New Angel Inspired art photos! They are truly enchanting and magically beautiful.

http://www.ewrejuventioncenter.com Health for the New Millenium. Read the new book by Victoria Mogilner that shares the Ancient Secrets of facial rejuvenation. Also check out her powerful spiritual well being products, seminars and retreats in beautiful Scottsdale AZ.

http://www.umsonline.org University Of Metaphysical Sciences offers classes in all forms of metaphysical study.

http://www.123greetings.com/events/new_year/inspirational/ "123 Greetings - Free greetings for the planet." This is a beautiful site dedicated to web greetings cards that you can create and send on- line for free. There are so many wonderful choices of inspirational and joyful cards you will be up lifted just by visitng this site.

http://www.worldlightcenter.com Gives wonderful resources for healing and spiritual growth services and products.

http://www.vicnet.net.au/~johnf/welcome.htm Presents some very interesting and helpful information
about channeling to connect with spirit.

http://www.stpt.com/   Starting Point search engine

http://www.althealingeric.com     Spiritual Response Therapy, "free your soul and free your mind."  This is an interesting and good directory of spiritual and new age services. Be sure to look at this site and explore what is there.

http://www.handresearch.com   A very professional and informative site of palmistry research news and psychology.

http://www.spiritualnetwork.com A great directory of metaphysical materials and information.

http://www.starstell.com    Vedic astrology and numerology information with daily astro predictions.

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