Angel Messages - Tips from the Guardian Angels

The Table Tipping newsletter dedicated to the beings of light everywhere.
Edition # 105
Written by Angela M. Mattey
Produced by TAM Enterprises

More messages from spirit received through table tipping about
the year of 2001 and 2002.

The Circle of Light created with the table, spiritual intention, spirit's help  and our hands.

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    Here is a group in session connecting with spirit through spiritual table tipping as the table softly levitates under our hands. All of spirit is very excited about this time in earth's history. The angels see humanity hovering at the most pivotal turning point in human history. We, as a race, have reached the "Spring" of our most productive stage of growth and physical life cycle.

    The angels reported that the year 2001 is a year centered upon the flow of creativity. Since we are in the new millennium which is a "2" - 2000 we are now ready to be in partnership( the energy of the numeral 2) with the God Force as co-creators of our personal lives. This year 2001 we are especially blessed with much cooperation from our Guardian angels to have a very active dream and visionary life. Humans will report more visions than normal. They will experience very "real" dreams which will have great impact upon their personal choices within this year and next. The stronger ability to "see" and to recall "dream" are gifts from our soul because the soul is accepting its role of partnership in co-creation with the God Force. This influence of these spiritual experiences will be so strong that humans will feel they have to talk about these special events. Thus conversations about dreams and visions will become much more commonplace than ever before in human history.

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     2001 as a number is formed of a two and a one creating the spiritual number of three. Angels see this number as the trinity. We already know of the trinity of God expressed as Father-Son-Holy Spirit. We have heard of Body, Mind, Spirit. The angels refer to this trinity with emphasis upon body (the physical world), soul ( a functioning bridge between the physical world and the spiritual worlds) and ether (the spiritual realms). They speak of the goal of the soul as the bringing of the physical world into the etheric or spiritual world through the realization of the gifts of soul. While we are in the physical body we feel our soul (Through our true emotions - the basic ones of either feeling sad or happy) but our soul is learning to bring the etheric world which is its natural home into balance with the body's world which is the third dimensional physical world. People all over will have deeply spiritual experiences and many will deny that they occurred but others will happily embrace these experiences which will draw the soul and body together while also blending the physical world with the etheric world. This is one goal of the human soul which humanity can finally create as a reality and balance into form starting this year.

    The two zero's that are in the middle of this year's number are a balance. They look like big eyes that are bright and open to new ideas and techniques for the self and  society as a whole . All through history spiritual leaders have seen the number zero as being very spiritual. It represents the whole, unity, a completion, love and spirituality. Having two of them in this year's numbers would say that people will find others to join them when they have these above spiritual goals as a focus for their directions this year. This year is a year of planning the pathway for businesses, society, governmental policy, education, healing because next year 2002 will bring it all into form from this years planning work and visualizations. we will be empowered visually so why not use this support to visualize a happy way of life for all. The two zeros might cause the slight vibration of difficulty making a decision. This shouldn't be that much of a problem as this year is to be one of planning more than acting.

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     The angels are so excited that creativity is such a strong influence for humans this year. Creativity in all formats of expression feeds the human soul. One area in which creativity will be noted is with the older generation. Seniors will be inventing so many new things, technological, scientific, artistic and even will be creating new businesses. The senior citizen will be looked upon in a new light. They will be creating new fashions for themselves which are free flowing, attractive, practical and comfortable. They will be creating new social trends for the good of humanity. They will be opening small businesses with new and different services for society in mind. They will even be doing special games which challenge and brighten the mind in special gathering locations.


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    Spirit continues to tell us that earth's weather patterns are changing. They tell us of serious disasters caused by drastic and dramatic weather patterns. They tell us to stay out of drama in our personal life. They tell us to lighten up upon our expectations of others and release the drama we tend to act out when someone acts differently than we want. When we are calm where we are our weather will be calmer. They continuously remind us that we are responsible for our own life now and and our own decisions.
    The angels are telling us that the children born this year will be so very multi-talented that they will be the way showers for how to do some of the new jobs that are coming soon. We would not yet be able to write the job descriptions or titles for these new occupations. They will be able to combine talents with a special purpose which is easily seen and achieved by them. Many of the new babies are extremely spiritually psychic (able to see spirits & auras, etc.) and especially telepathic. They feel and know exactly what we do or don't say and think. We have seen the babies with the indigo aura come in for the last two decades. They are powerful creators of their needs. They are vibrationally electric and personally charismatic. They will be changing the social and political ways for humanity which bring about the greater good with ease.
    However we are now going to see the more of the new green colored aura babies. This green is a soft pearly teal green when viewed by the third eye. These children are healers that are different than those we have ever seen. They carry the ability to live a very long physical life span because they have the special genetics for an empowered immune system enabling them to be free from disease. They bring in a pattern of energy we can all absorb and use as a healing agent within ourselves. Mentally tapping into their special color with the intention of bringing their healing pattern healing into your own energy field attracts their special energy for creating a new DNA within your own physical body. The fact that they have come into this physical world and made physical the intention of being disease free opens the way for those of us who want to absorb this principle into our own energy field.
    The newest of auric energy that is now coming in this decade is a beautiful apricot or peach color with a pearlized effect. These children are embedded with a deep capacity to live the true Christ principle of love. They will not be prejudiced in any way. They will rebel against and neutralize criticism in any form. The will not live with judgementalism. They will perform the full unconditional love that Christ lived and taught for all of us to use and see as a model.
The angels say that talking with spirit while we are in this physical dimension will become easier and easier for all of us. This is because the etheric world and the physical world are combining more each day. The angels say that the veils are becoming thinner and we will know more deeply of our immortality through this happening. They report that many will tell of their "seeing" and "being with" their angels.
    We are in a time of growing into our power as human souls. It is interesting to the angels to watch us as we learn how to work with this power.

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