Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter
Vol.1 Edition 105
by Angela Mattey at TAM Enterprises

Discovering More About Your Psychic and Intuitive Talents as They are Recorded in Your Hands
The following is the Pair of the most popularly asked questions presented since edition 104 of the newsletter.
Remember, from this time forward, if you e-mail me with a question and would like to have it answered in the newsletter, so others can benefit by seeing the answers to your questions on-line, I would like your permission for putting in your initials and the city and country where you live with your question as it might be fun for other readers to see the questions personalized.

QUESTION # 1. What is the meaning of having just one line traveling horizontally across my palm? Mary E. of Conn.USA  When there is one line instead of two lines marking the palm horizontally, this is called the line of  Simian. Usually there are at least three lines in a palm. The head line, heart line and the life line. But when the Simian line is present there are no separate head and heart line markings. When you read palmistry books you will find that the Simian line can receive a lot of "bad press", plus there is much conflicting data as to its meaning. Most of the people who have asked this question were very concerned about this line being a "bad sign." I practice observing the people I read for my own data collection about hands. Those who have this line that I know personally and as clients have helped me form my  ideas of what this line represents.

Remember  when determining the influence of this line it is important to check to see if it is in both hands. Often it is only in one hand. As usual, I will repeat myself telling you that you have to see at least two other marks to back up what any one line or mark demonstrates. So with that in mind here are some traits of the Simian lined personality:
1. They are usually very energetic about anything they do.
2. They tend to see things as either black or white, no shades of gray in their perception.
3. Since the line is a combination of the heart and head lines they will approach their goals totally  mentally or be all emotional in a situation. It seems they do not blend mind and emotion easily. This creates a single mindedness in their personality which I have found allows for tremendous focus and ability to follow through on promises and goals. I see them as devoted and persevering .
4. They are creative and often driven to do their creative thing. It is reported Stienbeck had two lines of Simian.
If you interested in learning all about the line of Simian and its influences in the palm you should purchase lesson # 13 of the APPA palmistry lesson program- click here for more details.

QUESTION # 2. What are some of the Palmistry books you would recommend? (Stephanie of, Oh. USA ) Some of My favorites are: The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading, by William Benham  Hands a Complete Guide to Palmistry,  by Enid Hoffman, Palmistry Made Easy,  by Fred Gettings,Beyond Palmistry byBeverly Jaegers, Palmistry the Whole View by Judith Hipskind. The Encyclopedia of Palmistry by  Edward Campbell , The Hand as a Mirror of Systemic Disease by Theodore Berry M.D, Hand Psychology by Andrew Fitzherbert Your Future Is In Your Hands by Helene Kayal.   Many of these great books can be ordered through Powells Books in Portland, OR . So use this link check out their home page and type in the category of Palmistry. Also remember  my own palmsitry lessons are a great resource for palmistry information click here for more info about them.

More interesting marks that show your talents of intuition.
All humans are Intuitive. However, each individual has different abilities and ways of "tuning in."

More of the psychic areas of the hand are shown in Figure # 6. All markings to be studied are done in black with black notations. In the Ring of Solomon area there can be several curved rays or rings. These Marks are noted with a ( A), these marks show an intuitive bond with all of nature and children. I had one respected teacher tell me that these marks told that the bearer had past lives in tribal cultures that revered the land and worked within the balance of nature. She said that these marks gave the person a deep intuitive sense of communication with nature. A great sign for gardeners, farming, those in animal husbandry or training  and veterinarians.

Marks at ( B )show dream lines. Many times I have seen these lines in the palm of a person who says, "I don't have dreams." We all dream every night, and can have up to five dreams in a sleep period. We just don't remember these dreams when we wake up. When the dream lines are present it tells of an ability to use dreaming time  to get answers to the day's problems. These lines also show that you have inherited or  worked to develop special dream abilities in past lives. If the dream lines are deep or have marks on them, the dreams can be precognitive in nature. A clairvoyant dreamer will have dream lines with an eye shape on them. Usually persons with dream lines experience dejavu  events. If you have these lines and don't remember your dreams it would be important to start a dream journal and to read books about how to seed a dream, recall your dreams  and how to work within the dream state.

Mark (C)- Dream lines with a forked ending or a forked beginning are signs of the ability to travel "out-of body". This "soul traveling" experience can be either by accident or  through the practice of willing yourself to do such travel. I  find people with these lines will often tell me that they had a "flying"  experience as a child. They would find themselves up near the ceiling of their bedroom hovering over their own bed looking down at their resting sleeping body. Some say they had fun and flew around. Others say it frightened them and they went right back into their physical body to wake up determined to never allow this to happen again. People with these marks tend to have very real dreams that enable them to experience color, smells, and feelings as if they were physically there. They will have dreams of flying, falling, or driving a fast vehicle and still be safe. I have several of these marks.  In dream, I often speed through space in a white glowing jelly bean-like vehicle to meet other beings on different planets or just to meet spiritual teachers out in space. Some of my dreams can be so real that they impress my consciousness more deeply than my waking life events.

(D) marks an area of the palm called the "Psychic Triangle."  This triangular space created by the meeting of the lines of Fate, Head, and Mercury or Apollo is very interesting to study.  Just having a triangle means you have psychic talents. You may have visions or see mental pictures and pick up precognitive feelings about events and people. The symbols in this area can explain much about your past life studies in mystical areas and your present abilities you might want to understand and develop in this lifetime.

You must look carefully either in the sunlight or with a magnifying glass to find some of the symbols. There may be a "T" for telepathic abilities,  a cross for times when you were martyred for being mystical. Sometimes there are many crosses in this area. When you have several of them they are called "witches crosses," because you may have been burned or drowned for being a "witch" just because you knew of alternative ways to heal with herbs, roots etc.or knew some thing about an event ahead of time. Also when you have these crosses you may find yourself unable to be comfortable with being psychic because at a subconscious level you know that being psychic and helping others with those abilities got you killed in past lives. Thus there can be a deep fear of being hurt again, which blocks your psychic input. You may find a pyramid shape in this area  that tells of Egyptian past lives where you developed mystical ways and talents. A small triangle in this area can mean there are other souls you will meet and work with in a metaphysical way for group meditations, earth healing, or creating a healing center to work together within, etc. A five-pointed star right side up means you practiced white magic and can do so again. If the five-pointed star is upside down you might have practiced "black magic" in a past life of which I hope you don't do in this life. Wavy lines in this area tells you have healing  and energy moving abilities. A delta shape tells you are on St. Michael's team and work with him when you sleep at least. A flower or butterfly shape tells you have worked with the fairy kingdom in past lives and can again. Many herbalists and healers have worked with the fairies and the elementals of the earth. You can also check  area (E) to find the same symbols and meanings.

There are many more marks that tell of different abilities of intuition but we are going to move on to a much requested topic in the next edition. We will explore the  lines in the palm and their meanings. If you are interested in learning all about the spiritual and psychic markings and attributes that can be found in the hand you would enjoy lesson # 24 of the APPA Palmistry lesson Program. Click here for details.

I hope you have been practicing reading hands because experience is the best teacher. Contents of Page © By A. Mattey
I have had many requests for teaching Palmistry lessons.
I have decided to do a step-by-step Palmistry course through e-mail, which you can print out and keep.

Information about Palmistry Lessons by Angela

Please feel free to e-mail me with your questions about this course of study and as always I appreciate any input about  the areas you would like for me to explore in coming newsletters.  E-mail me at the link on the bottom of the page.

I hope summer finds your hands; playing games with children, petting and hugging animals, holding and touching summer flowers or getting a tan at the beach. Always wishing you happy hands that are loving and embracing life,   Angela
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