Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter
Vol.1 Edition 106
by Angela Mattey at TAM Enterprises

Learning about the "Fate" line and a few other unusual marks in the palm
The following is the Pair of the most popularly asked questions presented since edition 105 of the newsletter.
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QUESTION # 1. What does it mean when  I have a "fate" line on only one of my palms?   Samantha  F. of Ohio, USA   Samantha , you didn't mention if the line is all there or just part of it is present in the palm which displays it. Let's discuss the possibility that you have the full  line on only one palm. If this line is present in your dominant hand's palm, it means you are managing your energy with strong personal will power to fulfill your goals in this life. Then  if simultaneously, it is not present in your non-dominant palm, it could mean you did not inherit the same amount of inner strength that you are now developing on your own. However, if the opposite is true and  the line of Saturn is showing in your non-dominant hand and is not present in your dominant hand you might need the support of others to succeed, more than your ancestors did.

Usually having a full "fate line" or "line of Saturn" as I like to call it, means you have the support of fate, meaning synchronicity and helpful friends and family members, to fulfill your life's choices. Check Figure 7 below and look at (A) to see a full line of Saturn. By having a full line of Saturn, I mean it starts at the base of the center of your palm and travels vertically upward and ends under the base of  your middle finger - the finger of Saturn. The full line of Saturn is often seen on the hands of public personalities that you see on TV or in the movies. I love watching movie stars' hands when they are on  a talk show as a guest, because usually there are many close ups of their hands. Then I get to observe the qualities shown within their hands. Quite often both of their hands will display the full line of Saturn.

QUESTION # 2. Why do you only read the hands of  children eight years or older?  (J. hastings. USA )  I usually suggest this because the hands of children change quite often and so quickly, that to take seriously what you see today might be gone tomorrow. However, it is very interesting to note what you see, even in an infant's hands, because you can watch the personality form as the child grows.

There will be many marks and line shapes that are present right from the start of life that do  not change much as the child grows. However once the child is eight years or older - (I actually like to see most of their permanent teeth present in their mouth) - then the soul of the child is settled into the lessons and karma of this lifetime. This then sets into motion more details about the child's personality and qualities for this lifetime. It is then that one can  read their hands with more accuracy. I always enjoy taking prints of children - even infants, because there is much to learn just through the dermal patterns in the palm, fingerprints etc. (which are permanent and actually start developing on the palms & bottoms of the feet of the fetus within 20 -40 days of it's conception.)




More about the line of Saturn "The Fate Line" and a few other unusual marks that can be in your palm.

The line of Saturn is called the fate line, the line of career, the line of occupation, the line of fortune, the destiny line, etc., etc. And the list goes on. There are palms that do not have this line. The presence or absence of this line seems to have many conflictive meanings in books written on palmistry. Several books relate ideas about misfortune connected with the length and status of this line.

I find that it's presence tells of outside support that the owner attracts which enables him or her to accomplish personal goals and achievements with focus and more ease. (A.) Marks the normal flow of this line and shows a full line of Saturn. This is universally seen as a good sign. It is representative of a good strong career in life and good strength of ingenuity to make things happen along the way. When there are breaks in this line, it shows when there are career changes and  possible geographic changes. I always check out the life line to see if it shows any marks of change at about the same age. When considering age on this line it is said that birth is at the base of the palm and life flows on up the palm to end under the finger of Saturn. Teachers say that when considering age, it is best to think of where this line crosses over the head line to be about the age of 35 years.

(C.) Shows a much shorter line of Saturn rising from the base of the palm and ending about at the head line. This demonstrates that a person's family may have given them support to be strongly focused in their early life, but as they age and go past the head line (35 yrs.old) they seem to need the support of others to succeed or sometimes need help just to remain focused in order to truly follow through on their goals in life. However, I have seen the line of Saturn end at the headline as in C. in order to show that the person has been influenced by their  family in a strong way, but as they get to about 35 yrs. of age they strike out on their own to do well. There are often small lines side by side going upward towards the middle finger just above the headline in the normal Saturn line area showing several different projects they do well on their own. However there are other areas of the hand to consider to back up this theory. If the person has a long or a lowset thumb they tend to be able to do their own thing without the support or acceptance of others.

(B.) Shows a line of Saturn traveling from over towards the lunar or little finger side of the hand - starting on the mount of the moon - vertically traveling towards its ending under the first finger - the finger of Jupiter. This shows that with the help of others this person will achieve success and possibly fame in this lifetime. This line ending under Jupiter is seen in palms of, politicians, rock stars and famous athletes.

Sometimes you will see the line of Saturn traveling form the same starting area as B. but then flow towards the finger of Jupiter,  ending between the Saturn and Jupiter fingers - this demonstrates the ability to have your name well known, like a famous writer, a successful scientist or doctor who has discovered a new theory. What is unique about this mark is that it tells of a fame that is is centered around the person's name  and usually allows the person some privacy as they are not known visually, like an actor or athlete.
In Figure 7(a) we see line A. shown flowing from the little finger side of the palm and then curving upward traveling to under the Saturn finger which shows the person will do well in this life working for others  within a company or a group effort, or they may need an audience of response for the success of their work..

Line B. is present in the palm when the person is very involved with family to be successful in life - for example, to inherit or to work the family business. Also it tells that one or both of their parents have a very strong influence in their life to help create  successes in their  life.

Next to line C.( Which has the same meaning as C. in figure 7.) is the cross marked by E. This cross is known as St. Andrew's cross. When present it tells that it's owner stands up for the "underdog" and is a crusader at heart. Probably at some time in their life they will champion a crusade for a subject close to their heart. I have seen this in the hands of animal activists and in the palm of a sweet little nun who takes care of orphaned children and created an inner city neighborhood arts center for them.  The unusual trident marked by D. is another sign of fame within the community, and when seen with other favorable marks it can mean the owner may possibly be nationally recognized for an achievement .

Please remember that I am sharing with you the general characteristics of these markings and of the line of Saturn. When reading the hand,  I would need to see at least two other signs present to create more accuracy about these statements.

I hope you have been practicing reading hands because experience is the best teacher. Wishing you and your hands to be creative and enjoying wonderful fall projects, especially during the holiday season, Angela.

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