Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter
Vol.1 Edition 107
by Angela Mattey at TAM Enterprises

I am just about in overwhelm and am certainly in awe of the tremendous response
That the Palmistry Newsletters  are Receiving!!!

I am  excited to tell you that I am receiving so much e-mail everyday with palmistry questions there is no way I can answer them all, - please - accept my apology for not being able to answer all of your e-mail.
However,  your enthusiastic response has inspired a wonderful format idea!
---- So -----
I have decided to devote the newsletter to answering my favorite questions that were asked, as well as, the most popularly repeated questions in the "pair of questions format " that the last two newsletters have used.
I have given up on my own agenda - you are now in  control of the area of palmistry that will be presented.
Watch the newsletters because you may find your question featured.
I humbly thank you for honoring the Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter with so much interest!

I am starting this newsletter with one of my favorite questions -  Which was asked by Eric of San Diego, Ca. USA
My Favorite QUESTION"What does it mean if a person has a line of Saturn (fate line) that ends in a triangle and or a rectangle? How about diamonds?"  Well Eric, geometric shapes often show up in the palm and are fun to read. Triangles are usually signs of good news. I am assuming that you are speaking of the end of the Line of Saturn that terminates under the middle finger or the Saturn finger. See Figure 7c.  Some old palmistry books might tell you some upsetting ideas about this. But, I find that triangles often mean a very good association with other persons that can create good things for and with you. (A) in Figure 7-c is the beginning of the line of Saturn.  And (B) is the end of the line of Saturn. Since the triangle is on this line, shown at (B) which deals mostly with career, I think it most likely means that you may have some very successful partnerships or business associations in this life. Triangles mean that you find some really good people to help you with goals in this life in the area of the palm they show up. If the triangle is real large it could mean you will have an association with a group that has a common goal and as a team you make the goal a physical reality.

            Since we are talking about triangles, let's look at (C). If you find a triangle here - on the Mt. of Venus you will no doubt have found a partner to work with as well as a lover in your love relationship. If you find a triangle at (D) you will be very persuasive with your words. If you have a triangle where (E) is you will have help in your psychic and or imaginative talents to achieve well. If you have a triangle where (F) is you have special talents in speaking, writing or business affairs to be accented by partnerships or the cooperation of associates. (G) marks a triangle where you will have the help of others in your leadership endeavors. There is one more triangle on the thumb tip in this illustration - hope you can find it. This would be the mark of a person who is very persuasive with their will and personal strength. When a person has lots of triangles in their hands it is called the "gift of good people." This is a marvelous sign. I include how all the lines intersect to read this . I look for at least five or more triangles to determine if this "gift" is true. This "gift" means that there will always be wonderful people in your life. They will be helpful, supportive and lovingly present just at the right time. Some times there will be a person who is in your life for just a short time but they will be the way shower for you in a decision or a pathway change. I think this "gift" is more important than one of lots of money.

            A rectangle ( Some examples of how they look in the hand at (H) at the end of a fate line is powerful because it says you build something that is solid and material that remains after you leave this life,  an example is like an architect or a contractor leaves a beautiful building behind for years after his life has ended.   Diamonds are actually a triangle over an inverted triangle this is the symbol of a person with great manifesting power - (Some examples of how they look on the hand at (I).) one who is able to create something when others believe it to be an impossible task. It is also the symbol of the master - a person who masters his own mind and emotions and is in tune with the spiritual realms allowing them ( the angels and the elementals)  to help in material efforts. If you are interested in learning all about the symbols and unusual marks found in the palm and how to read them you could purchase lesson #  7 of the APPA palmistry program. Click here for more details.

The following is the Pair of the most popularly asked questions presented since edition 106 of the newsletter.
Remember, from this time forward, if you e-mail me with a question and would like to have it answered in the newsletter, so others can benefit by seeing the answers to your questions on-line, I would like your permission for putting in your initials and the city and country where you live with your question as it might be fun for other readers to see the questions personalized.

QUESTION # 1. "My Fate line  breaks up at the bottom of my palm into two major directions - a third line actually becoming my life line ... I am so very curious?" Cheryl Cheryl, you and so many others ask about this area and breaks in the line of Saturn (the fate line) so let's talk about it. Let's look at Figure 7b. At (A) the fate line interacts with the life line. I see this often on palms. I have it personally on mine. This can mean that early in life - since the Line of Saturn (fate line) begins at the base of the palm almost at the wrist, the person experienced some family situation that made them have responsibility as a child. So much so, that they were given duties or existed in a situation where they had to let go of part of their childhood and be in an adult like role. This gives the person something nice later in life. It seems that because they had to give up part of their childhood they are given extra life energy support later in life to survive a tough or a difficult experience with more ease and protection.

            The area marked with a (C) shows a break in the fate line. This always occurs when you have a change in your career or work path in life. The break that appears first her at (C) would happen around the age of 35-37 years of age. The second break that shows up further upward towards the heart line or more close to the end of the fate line  would be happening in the middle to late forties in a person's life. If a triangle was to appear at a break in the line of Saturn, it can mean a change in association with whom you will work with - maybe even the sign of entering a partnership with someone on your career pathway. If you are interested in learning more about the fate line in the palm you could be interested in buying lesson # 14 of the APPA Palmistry Program. Click here for more information.

QUESTION # 2. I use both of my hands to do most of my work all the time, but I write with my right hand the best. Which is my dominant hand?  (T. Bellin. USA )  Whatever hand you write easiest and best with, is your dominant hand. Writing is a deep subconscious to conscious form of self expression. So once you have formed the habit of writing with a certain hand that becomes your dominant means of expression for  your personality. When I taught first grade  I noticed that if the parent or the kindergarten teacher trained a child that was naturally left-handed to write with their right hand it created a cross-dominant problem for the child.  That means the child would write with their right hand, but see best or first, with their left eye or step first with their left foot.  This can lead to many types of learning disabilities. I tested children for dominancy and let them be right or left hand dominant as they naturally showed the tendency in their whole bodily expression. If you are interested in learning more about hand dominancy and how its role effects reading hands, you might be interested in buying lesson # 1 of the APPA Palmistry Program. Click here for more details.

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