Angela's  Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter
Vol.1 Edition 108
by Angela Mattey at TAM Enterprises

Learning about minor lines & crosses in the palm and the back of the hand.
The following is the Pair of the most popularly asked questions presented since edition 107 of the newsletter.
Remember, from this time forward, if you e-mail me with a question and would like to have it answered in the newsletter, so others can benefit by seeing the answers to your questions on-line, I would like your permission for putting in your initials and the city and country where you live with your question as it might be fun for other readers to see the questions personalized. Also, know that I receive lots and lots of e-mail and it may take quite some time before I can answer your palmistry questions personally.
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QUESTION # 1. What does it mean when I have lots and lots of fine lines all over in my palms?  Marie T. of California, USA Marie, there have been many e-mail messages coming in  lately with the same question.  When a palm has lots of lines, in the middle mostly, it is called a full hand.  It means that the person is more sensitive to the situations and events in their lives on a deeper  level than most other humans. I have found psychic people often have lots of lines in their palms. The sensitivity I speak about here is not being too personal about situations , but being ultra aware of the energies and interactions of these energies. Full handed people register deeply all that goes on during an event.  They feel the emotions of an event deeply. They are worriers and often fret over details that are to happen or that have happened. They have much  nervous energy and are usually very active.

Having so many lines that a person looks to have very dry skin which is cracking,  is often the sign of what is called a  Water type hand. Considering hand typing there are several ways to categorize hands into hand types.  However, one system of  categorizing  hands into  types is the basic elemental system. Here hands fit into four categories, which are; Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Within this hand typing system a general classification is given to the personality of the person who is considered to have a certain type of hand.

So one of the ways to determine a Water type hand is to see lots and lots of fine lines in the palm. The Water hand type person is very sensitive to their surroundings. So you may be a Water hand type personality Marie. The Water type personality is empathetic, high strung and nervous, sentimental, intuitive, spiritual in nature, and emotional.
I am over simplifying  this information about the elemental hand types due to the fact this is just a newsletter. The elemental system of hand typing is taken very seriously by many schools of thought in palmistry and within this system is the heart of their study. Thus this subject can get very involved and can take years of study to be fully knowledgeable within this system of hand typing. If you are interested in learning more about hand types and how they can be determined and what effect they have on a palm reading you could be interested in purchasing Lesson # 7  of the APPA Palmistry lesson program. For more details click here.

Some hands show lots of little x's or crosses in the palm along with many tiny lines. These little crosses in the center of the palm are called "witches crosses." They tell of talents in the mystical side of life, that when practiced by you in past lives they cost you your life. For each little cross is a time you were; burned at the stake, or drowned, or stoned, etc. for being a
" witch." Only because you had a special wisdom or gift that was misunderstood. Like being the little old lady who lived quietly alone at the edge of the forest. Who knew all about herbs and plants and how to use them to heal the villagers. But because she had these abilities authority figures were afraid of her. In their fear all too often they  named her and people like her a witch and would have her  killed. An experienced palmist can tell by the location of the "witch's cross" in the palm the type of talent you were skilled within. An example being if the crosses are in the middle of your palm under the general area between the index and middle fingers,  you had the talent of telepathy.  If the cross is  more over towards and under the ring finger you had the talent of x-ray sight to "see" inside of  the body to locate the source of  physical ailment. You can well understand if you had these talents during the dark times of the middle ages, you would have been considered "evil" and to be a witch or a sorcerer. If you are interested in learning more about the mystical aspects to be read about yourself in your palm you could be interested in purchasing lesson # 24 of the APPA Palmistry lesson program. Click here for more details about that lesson.

QUESTION # 2. Where on the palm tells me how many children I will have?  (T. Anderson,  Canada )  There is an area on the percussion side of the hand under your little finger where  most palmists will tell you to look for this information.  See Figure 18. There are horizontal lines called affection lines here which tell about your more  serious mated type relationships such as a marriage.  (A) Marks  the affection line. (B) is a child line  (straight) for a boy.  (C) is a child line  (angled) for a girl. There is a single vertical line for each child you would have.   Sometimes there are short vertical lines in this area that represent the fact that you parent other people by caring for them or that you may have other people's children under your care. I have lots of short vertical lines here because I was a school teacher for many years. If the lines do not travel completely through the affection line (A) they will not represent your own child.

There are often symbols and markings on these children lines to tell about the personality of the child. There can be a star for a child that will have fame and recognition. An eye shape for a child who is a "seer"and is a sensitive. A cross for a child who can be a problem to himself and his parents.  I have seen a musical clef sign on the line of a child who was a talented musician.

An experienced palmist can see lines of influence coming from the base of  the thumb raying outward into the life line as markers for children too. Also on the thumb's base in the palm, there is a family area that can register children. Sometimes the initials for their names are located here.

The lines like (B) and (C) are often creased a little more deeply in the non-dominant hand. This means that the subject Karmically agreed with the soul of "their child to be", before their birth, to bring in this child's soul through birth into a physical life. So the subject's soul is bound to this agreement. If they do not give birth to this child they have a  Karma with this child's soul to balance within the next lifetime. I look for this when a person is unsure as to whether they should have children in this lifetime. Often there is no Karmic agreement shown in the hand so they are free to choose not to have a child.   Some people forget that they do not have children in order to more fully be who they are in expression, even when they have chosen to be in a  marriage in this lifetime. To learn more about finding and reading children and marriage lines in the palm and what they mean, you could be interested in purchasing  lesson # 16 of the APPA Palmistry program. Click here for more details.

My Favorite Question To Answer For This Newsletter.

  My husband and I were invited by some dear friends to a birthday celebration dinner. There I met a gentle but powerful soul who mentioned that he had read my palmistry newsletters. He pointed out that I had mentioned there was much to read about a person from observing the back of their hands. Then he stated, that I had not explored more about this fact in my newsletters and that he wanted to know more about the backs of the hands. Well, thank you, Roger M.  from Co. USA, because I have chosen your query to be my favorite question to answer in this edition 108 of the Palmistry/Hand Analysis newsletter. Probably reading the backs of hands is one of the most fascinating aspects of Hand Analysis and Palmistry. Knowing facts about the backs of hands helps the observer to better understand another person without actually invading that person's privacy by asking questions. Simply watching the hands and observing finger lengths and thumb aspects of another's hand is enough to gain information about their state of mind and their general personality traits.

There are so many points to consider about the backs of hands that we will only do a few in this newsletter and finish up in others. The shapes of the endings of the fingers and the shapes of the nail itself will tell you much about the person. The fingers will may have bends. The finger's knuckles may be smooth or knotty.  The set of the fingers on the hand are all factors to be noted which can relay much information about a personality. To learn more about discovering attributes of a person's personality by observing the backs of their hands you might be interested in buying lesson # 3 and # 5 of the APPA palmistry program. Click here for more details.

Then the skin on the back of the hands will have lines and designs which can tell of past lives on the non-dominant hand and the present plus future events on the dominant hand. The areas of significance are on the knuckles at the base of each finger and on the middle & tip knuckles of each finger. All of this information is far too much too discuss and develop in this one newsletter.  Each finger and the thumbs represent an area of talent or particular facet of the personality of the owner. If the finger is long it accents the traits of the normal length, if it is very long the person may demonstrate exaggerated levels of the traits involved. If the finger is short the person will have less of the trait or talent that is represented by the finger. If you are interested in learning how to read predictions about yourself by looking at the back of the hand, you might be interested in purchasing lesson #  of the APPA palmistry program. Click here for details.

The thumb represents intelligence, will power and decision.  The index finger represents leadership and one's relationship with others, especially co-workers.
The middle finger represents values, spirituality and career. The ring finger deals with creativity, appreciation of beauty, emotional relationships and social graces. The little finger deals with business, communication and sexuality.

Watch a person's thumb as they talk and sit with you. If it is held out from the hand, the person is being open and is confident about themselves and their conversation. If ever the thumb is held inside the palm, or under the fingers when the hand forms a fist,  they are fearful and insecure about what they are doing at the time. Since the thumb is representative of one's will power. So if it is hidden and concealed the person feels powerless and possibly threatened. To learn more about finger and thumb meanings you might be interested in lesson # 4 and lesson # 5  of the APPA palmistry program. Click here for more details.

Of the  many aspects to study concerning the backs of hands the finger lengths are significant.  The length of each finger makes a difference in a personality. The index finger should end at about the middle of the tip phalange of the middle finger. The ring finger should end at about the same length. The little finger should end at the middle of the tip phalange of the ring finger. These are normal finger lengths and they are shown here in Figure 1. 

If the index finger is longer than normal, the person is a leader and can take control. They actually have to be cautious not to be too pushy. If the index finger is as long as the middle finger the person can be a dictator and difficult to negotiate with. I saw a news report of an interview with Fidel Castro. His first and ring finger showed to be very long and his middle finger was shorter than usual. How interesting!  If the index finger is shorter than normal the person is lacking in self confident. If it is very short, that is  not able to reach up to the base of the tip phalange of the middle finger the person often feels defeated and can be an addictive personality.

When the ring finger is longer than normal the person is very creative and loves to be with other people. If it is as long as the middle finger the person is a gambler and often enters into risks other wouldn't dare try. If the ring finger is shorter than average the person does not care about aesthetics and tends to be a loner that isn't comfortable with social situations. The middle finger should be as long as a little more than two thirds of the length of the palm to be average. If it is short the person can be careless in their values and can be "out for themselves."  If it is real long they can be very serious about life and not know how to play.

When the little finger is longer than average the person is a communicator, could be a writer, and if really long they are often seen as talk show hosts or performers on TV. (Ha-Ha!- check it out you'll see.)  If the little finger is short the person is not comfortable with communicating with others. The trick to reading the length of the little finger is to see how it is set on the hand. It could be long, but set low on the hand,  lower than the other fingers so it appears to be short.

The thumb is shown at it's average length in Figure 1. If it is longer the person is very intelligent, has lots of leadership ability and is confident. If it is short the person is indecisive and insecure. To learn more about the thumb and how it tells so much about the personality of a person you observe or do a reading for,  you might be interested in buying lesson # 2 of the APPA palmistry program. For more details click here.

I hope you enjoy watching and reading hands because if it allows you to better understand and empathize with another the world will be a better place. Wishing you happy hands that are greeting new  and old friends and witnessing good times.
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