Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter
Vol.1 Edition 109
by Angela Mattey at TAM Enterprises

Reading hands to discover what your future holds concerning money $$$.
First I will start with the following which  are a few answers to the  multitudes of questions I receive each week that have been posed since edition 108 was published.
Remember, from this time forward, if you e-mail me with a question and would like to have it answered in the newsletter, so others can benefit by seeing the answers to your questions on-line, I would like your permission for putting in your initials and the city and country where you live with your question as it might be fun for other readers to see the questions personalized.

QUESTION # 1. My thumbs on both hands bend backwards at a 45 degree angle when flexed.  Is this something out of the ordinary? Thank you, Tami.
Well Tami, flexible thumbs are seen on the hands of people who like to be with people and often achieve fame in this life. Thumbs that bends backward at the first phalange - (That is if the nail tip phalange bends back.) the person is thought of as a "pushover", because they have a good heart and are usually very sympathetic to a good sad story. Flexible thumbs means the person is flexible about changes in life.

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QUESTION # 2. Angela, how do you read palms.....   do you read them unconsciously or consciously? There is a mental approach as well as a intuitive approach. I was just curious. George, Wi. USA  When ever I read hands I purposely use both sides of my brain simultaneously. I breathe in deeply and relax my mind freeing it of any preconceived ideas about the person. I then breathe in a soft deep breath to tap into what I "feel" about the person intuitively. I start looking at their fingers to decide what is obvious about their personality while I am also "tuning into" what comes to my mind intuitively. When you first read hands as a beginning palmist, you are very aware of all the facts and rules which is good and important. But after time of doing many readings, you relax and let what appears to show up to  be important, catch your eye, while you are  listening inside to the voice of your heart/soul  to hear what  important messages are there to tell your client. So you do read the client consciously and intuitively.

QUESTION # 3. My newborn daughter has a ring that goes all the way around her forefinger on her left hand. I used to read palms myself and found this to be of significant meaning. Can you tell me your version of what this particularly rare marking means? T.E.A . The fore finger -or  the Jupiter finger is a place of personal power. If it is emphasized in any way - by being long, full or thick, set up high on the palm, or has a ring around it which is showing in the skin, the owner is meant to be a leader. In olden times this signature would have been read as an indication that your daughter was to be of royalty or certainly in the town leadership circles. Today it can be read as special abilities to read and perceive other people truthfully. To attract people with a certain charisma. Also it tells you that she has much personal power that she came into this life to learn to balance out so that she relates well to all people.

Some interesting signs and symbols to look for in your hand to signal "$$$$$" money in your life.
   Now everyone I know is interested in having or acquiring money and where any indications show about money affairs in their hands. They always ask, "Will I ever have any money in this life?" Or they will say "Do you see when or where I'll get money into my life?" There are so many signatures of different types to look for concerning reading or predicting about the flow of money in the hands, that I am sharing just a few palmar indications you might easily discover. Money comes into your life through many means. You can earn it, marry into it, inherit it, win it, or come into any type of financial windfall which brings money into your life.

Let's look at Figure # 9 for some money marks that are commonly found in a palm. A person who earns money usually has a strong or long thumb like is shown at (7). This demonstrates balanced will power, good intelligence and the necessary physical endurance to work at bringing money into their lives. They will often have the money line shown at (2). This mark showing at (2) is on the Jupiter Mount area under the Jupiter finger. It clearly indicates good leadership abilities and some charismatic qualities necessary for great "people skill"  powers in the personality. A person who attracts money into their life through various means often will have the magical money "M" shown at (3). However, I have seen this "M" in the hands of a poor people who either had money and lost it or who have not yet applied their abilities to attract the money.  If a person marries another who already has money or will come into money,  they will have an affection line like (4) showing in their palm. A powerful and successful leader- manager - CEO type personality, will have a whorl fingerprint show up on their Jupiter finger demonstrating the ability to gain financial success with the help of the team. The little "x"s under the Venus mount shown at (5) are individual marks - one will show for each  inheritance, winning, or windfall that increases the owner's finances. One "x" will show up for each fortuitous instance in a person's lifetime. The Life line will travel far out into and past the center of the palm as shown at (8) when the person attracts money into their life by being in the public eye or by being international in their expression of their talents to bring in money.
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I hope spring finds your hands; planting more than flower seed. I hope your hands will be full with many new and wonderful spring surprises like babies, puppies and kittens.
Always wishing you happy hands that are loving and embracing life,   Angela

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