Angela's Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter
Vol.1 Edition 110
by Angela Mattey at TAM Enterprises

Here are some answers to the multitudes of questions I receive each week that have been posed since Palmistry / Hand Analysis Newsletter edition 109 was published.
Remember, from this time forward, if you e-mail me with a question and would like to have it answered in the newsletter, so others can benefit by seeing the answers to your questions on-line, I would like your permission for putting in your initials and the city and country where you live with your question as it might be fun for other readers to see the questions personalized.

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QUESTION # 1. In newsletter #106 you mentioned many different types of Fate Lines. Is it possible to have both type A and B from diagram 7? They both seem to fade around the Head line and the type B line runs straight through what appears to be the "Psychic Triangle" and forms and "X" with another line in the triangle's center. Neither of the fate lines are very clear on my non-dominant hand.  Michelle W. Lansing Mi. , USA. Hello Michelle -  Let's look at Figure # 7 in Newsletter 106 by clicking here It is certainly possible and is often seen that a palm will have two fate lines. Especially at the base of  and the lower half of the palm where a fate line begins it pathway.  However, the reader must be sure not to mistake a Line of Apollo as being another Fate Line. The Line of Apollo is usually detected as appearing on the Mount of Apollo and ending there. One would rarely find a Line of Apollo starting from the base of the palm and ending at or before the head line. If the Line of Apollo is present it in a palm at all it is almost always terminating on the Mount of Apollo under that finger and more likely to start at the head line area of the palm.  So even though I am not looking at your palm and the line you are mentioning does not end on the Mount of Apollo you most likely are referring to second Fate Line.

If we consider this (B) to be a second Line of Fate it tells us that early in life and ranging until about the mid thirties of age you will easily receive the support and help of outsiders to achieve your goals. Even the placement of your second Line of Fate and the fading out of both fate lines, tells us that you will make a change in your mid thirties from your original career pathway. The fact that the (B) line makes an X with your psychic triangle may be telling you that you need to be open and trust your psychic insight during that time of your life as it is one of the gifts you have to see how to create and manage your life's change at that time. The presence of these two types of Fate Lines also tell us that you are self driven and yet are open to the support of others. This is a positive way to get things done as a leader.

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QUESTION # 2. My best friend has what looks  to be a double heart line. It starts out strongly and travels across to approximately mid palm. Then it breaks and about a half inch above that a second line begins and continues until it reaches his fingers.  Dani USA. A break in a heart line is usually not all that good of  a sign to have in one's palm. I think you mentioned this marking shows up in both palms but is more strongly indented in the dominant hand's palm. On the positive side it tells us that maybe his soul pondered to start out life with the personality of a person with a short heart line - which is to be much more mental about emotions and to not be comfortable with expressing feelings.Then as he came into this physical life and ages into it - at about the  mid to late thirties of his life  he decides to embrace feelings with more depth and to be comfortable with his emotional expression. A break can mean an emotional upset or loss which then opens the way for learning how to negotiate the change in emotional makeup of the personality. Because the line continues to be strong in its pathway across the palm the personal growth it represents tells us of wonderful soul growth to be gained in this lifetime.

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QUESTION # 3. Hi, I recently came across your website, and while there was a lot of info about triangles in the palm - nothing was mentioned about circles... What does it mean when a half moon or semi-circle is found at the end of the fate line? Sarah, USA. Sarah, this is a good point and opens the way for some fun information to be shared with everyone. So I picked your question to be my favorite for this newsletter.

Circles and crescents can be found on the backs of the hands, the knuckles, in the palm (on the mounts, the lines, and in the dermal patterns), on the fingers, and on the bracelet area of the hand. Obviously we cannot cover the separate meanings of each all these areas within this newsletter.

The circle is an absolutely ancient symbol. It can be symbolic for the sun, the planets, a bull's eye (Telling me ,the reader, to target a certain area of the hand as important.), or it can speak of a completion.

To find a circle within the dermal pattern area of the palm is rare. However if discovered there - a perfect circle can mean a weakness of an organ or actual immune system deficiency depending upon where in the palm one finds it. For example the mount areas under the fingers is the area of the chest, lungs and breast.

I think of the circle as coming about full circle - a completion. Some others read it as seeing that the owner is going in circles rambling in confusion unable to find a pathway or to ever complete something. Actually I usually read the circle to mean a full completion of a desired goal - when I see it on theft Line I read it as a sign of enlightenment achieved after an initiation is completed. Initiations can be trials in our lives that we must face and go on through.

Finding a circle on a Line of Apollo can mean great good and success. Finding a circle on any part of the Apollo finger or its mount is a sure sign of success. Many of the old palmistry books place fearful ideas around the circle if found anywhere else in the palm. I have always wondered why and not found the old, "It means you will drown."  idea to not be true. The sun is a circle it is filled with light , brightness and magnetism to hold together the Universe and to radiate warmth - and I read circles to be that.

A crescent also conjures up some old palmistry gypsy ideas that can be disturbing too- so much is written about mental illnesses and instability as an association with a crescent. Depending upon it's direction a crescent can be telling of timing around a moon's phase when it is seen on a line or a knuckle on the back of the hand. If the crescent is facing - ( -  then it can be talking about the first half of the moon's cycle before the full  moon. If it is facing  - ) -  it can be telling of the later half of the moon's cycle.

Most of the time it would be safe to read that the crescent represents the feminine, the intuitive and the psychic. So finding it at the end of your fate line can mean that you will direct your fate by intuition. If the psychic cross is also present in your palm it might tell us that you will be working with the intuitive side of life to earn you best good through. If this crescent is sitting like a bowl it can mean that your basket is full at the end of life. I also think that the presence of the crescent on your Fate Line  is telling you to be true to your femininity within your chosen career and pathways in this life. It could be proof that you have been a male in most of your past lives and it is important for your soul to express the feminine point of view and feelings in this lifetime.

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