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Question # 1 "Dear Angela, Considering the alphabets signifying the initials of persons from past lives, I have already started a little research to see whether people with different languages, will have the alphabets of their own language or it will be always in English, if any. English (I should say Latin) alphabets are nearer to geometrical shapes than the majority of other languages. Have you had any personal observation on this subject? If not what is your speculation? " Roya, Ca. USA

Well Roya, this is an interesting question. I believe we see through our subconscious mind's eye and translate our visual and auditory communication receptions through the knowledge we have stored in that level of mind. Thus we would have the prejudice or receptive filter of our personal experience to work from. Thus if we learned to read, write and speak Japanese we would see those glyphs imprinted as initials in the palms we would read. If as a Japanese student you had also studied English then you would see English letters in the palm as well. One might see an Arabic figure but not sense it or be able to see it completely as a person who has studied and communicates with such figures. However I have noted unusual glyphs for communication in certain areas of the palm and back of the hand which could signify that the owner lived a past life in a certain era. For instance I have found Egyptian Hieroglyphics in the palm of a person who had lived an Egyptian past life. The experince or lessons of that life would then be an important influence within this present life. 

Question # 2   "Angela, We have learned a lot from your site.  We really enjoy the subject and become more and more curious as we follow and read on. Please explain, when you can, the meaning of an island figure located near the end of the life line (close to the wrist). Also, the meaning of the heart line ending with 3 branches, one branch extending toward the end of the index finger." Nguyeh (Huong)
Thank you for your kind words about the site. 

An island is a sign of being alone or separated from others, your goals or desires. Think about being stranded on an island and you will get the picture of what an island signifies. Being alone can be caused by several situstions in life. You may be restricted by health problems, emotional problems, being a workaholic and not allowing friends and family into your life. A life line with an island tells of a time of weakness of health or a time in which there is a personal need to be alone which in the end does actually weaken the life force for the person at the time in life where it is located. If the island is at the end of a life line it would say that towards the end of one's lifetime they will spend their time alone. (See Figure 111 - A to see an island on the end of life line.)

However any marking such as an island can signify a health issue or a time alone in the future. All you have to do is take care of your body, eat well, exercise and let go of some of the unnecessary stresses in your life and you can rewrite your future - including your future state of health to be healthy. If you think thius island might  mean you are setting yourself up to be alone late in life and this is not what you want, work with your personality to enjoy your friends and family as they are, and you will not be alone in the future. 

A heart line ending with three branches at its end in the palm has been noted by most palmists as a fortutious sign. (See Figure 111 - B to see the 3 branches at the end of a heart line.) It signifies the opportunity to have an awesomely happy and good quality mated relationship in this lifetime. This three way fork also tells of a good balance in one's own personality. The three branches signify an open receptive type of personality with a good balance of sentiment, common sense and physical passion. 

Another Question??? -- I know!!! I said I would answer a pair of questions! But this one is so simply answered by the drawing in this newsletter, I couldn't resist answering it."Angela, Which direction do I read hands? On diamonds and pyramids they look closely alike except for the line again, do I determine which direction by fingers pointed towards me?" Thanks Bonnie USA

When reading the backs of the hands I look at them  with the finger tips towards me - which would be the opposite of looking down at my own hands. However when I read the palm, I read it as if I  were looking down upon my own hands with my palms up towards my face. This was an outstanding question raised by one of my students. I guess I never thought about it until she asked and then I remembered how my teachers taught me to position  hands to read them by their example. 

So in looking at the palm right side up I have placed a diamond on the mount of Jupiter which foretells of great luck in having the support of good people and finances for its owner to become an excellent leader.(See Figure 111 - C.) There is another diamond on the mount of Apollo (at E) that is different looking which signifies the ability to earn money with one's creative talents. I placed a pryamid in the psychic triangle in the area of healing and here the pyramid would tell you that the owner learned to develop their heling abilities in ancient Egypt. (See Figure 111 - D.)

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