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Vol. #1 Edition 113   

© (May 2001) By Angela M. Mattey  at TAM Enterprises 

Some Fun Questions From You That I Enjoyed Answering!

QUESTION # 1.   I wonder if you can tell me about the magic "M" and what it looks like and means. Ever hear of it? Linda USA  

Yes, Linda I know of this marking in the palm. There are several opinions about what this image means. Some thoughts about the "M" are formed from old gypsy ideologies with a bit of truth in their roots. Basically all ideas about it come to the common point that it deals with having money in one's life. A more modern concept is that when present the owner has a strong ability to create money as they need it in their lives. I would call it the manifesting "M". In times past it was considered a lucky sign because supposedly the owner could magically make things happen to bring wealth into their lives.

Some older school palmists say that it means money will be yours in this life. I have seen poor people with this marking and wealthy people without it - so I do not believe this old thought to be truth.

Currently we have awakened more to understand that we create with our thinking and emotions, thus when this symbol is present in a palm it tells us that we have the inner power to focus our thoughts and emotions to create our own good whether that good is considered to be money, success or love. A person with the "M" has more ease of ability to bring good into their lives due to mental practice and emotional discipline to be in the present time, to think only the best will happen and to see themselves as a success with no doubt in their mind and heart.

When the "M" is present in both palms the owner has worked with this power in past lives and is more proficient with it in this life. When it is in the dominant hand only they are working with developing this power in this current life. If it is showing in the non dominant hand only then the person had the power in past lives but isn't using in this lifetime. That would be sad as it is part of our divine nature and our present spiritual growth challenge to be an effective creator.

Thus the "M" is a symbol that you have a stronger ability to create good and bring into your life.

See the "M" here at (A) in Figure 113.

Question # 2   I have four distinct segments on my little finger. What does that mean? Bill UK.  

 Bill, this indication is more common than you may think. Actually there are still only three bone segments to the hand but it appears to have four segments from the palm side due to an extra crease on the base phalange of the Mercury finger. See (B) in Figure 113. Depending upon what other signals are in the hand it can mean a few different things.

Just looking at the base phalange of Mercury and not considering any other part of the hand it is important to note that it is connected with our sexuality and how comfortable we are with our own gender and how we relate to those of the opposite sex or those to whom we wish to connect with sexually. (When this phalange has special dermal markings on it- the owner possesses a special sexual charisma that members of the opposite sex or same sex feel while in their presence. It doesn't indicate that they use it manipulatively or that they are especially attractive in physical appearance. An example would be that, the comments about a female with this marking is that she would be considered by all to be exceptionally feminine.) This area of the hand also relates to business, information gathering and our ability to relate to others successfully through communication skills. When there is a bar / crease as shown in Figure 113 on this phalange it signals that there is stress in those areas of the person's life at the present.

Question # 3   Dear Angela, Is there any significance to one person having two different (very different) hand patterns? Arleissa F.

Yes Arleissa, there is. The non-dominant hand's pattern represents the soul's plan for this life as set up before birth. The dominant hand design shows the soul's present plans for this life as you live and learn your desired lessons.

My palm patterns are quite different and as I age they continue to develop more design differences. The difference between the patterns of the two hands demonstrates that you are learning your soul's planned lessons for this life. It can even mean that you have learned the desired lessons already and are now free to set up more and newer lessons to accomplish during this lifetime.

Sometimes the details of the differences in hand patterns tells a palmist that there are abilities and talents you may have gained during this life if your dominant hand is more complex in pattern. If your non-dominant hand is more complex it can mean you are not using all of the gifts your soul has learned in past lives during this lifetime. It could say that you are shy and not fulfilling all that you have to offer to yourself and others.

Actually, it would be important to have a professional palmist look at the differences in your hand patterns so they could tell you more about what they mean, as the individual little differences say much about your use of your soul's abilities in this lifetime.

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