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Given through spirit during table tipping.

Psychic Predictions from spirit received through table tipping for the year 2001 & 2002 -  Last updated 1/ 5/ 2001

1. Spirit tells us that the year 2001 will be filled with more than normal family contact and dealing with family issues for most of us humans. Family relationships will be tested greatly, especially those relationships within our family of origin (parents & siblings). Siblings might have to work through issues with each other that they have previously avoided for years. Some family members will end up feeling estranged during this year.  As a result they will reach out and find their normal family type closeness happen with friends and, even at times, strangers.  "Home" will be important this year. Gardening, remodeling and building of new homes will be the focus for many families. They will discover a need for a special office room or a personal space to be set aside for working from or within the home. Plus there will be emphasis put upon a quiet space within the domicile for study because education will be emphasized and be of great importance this year, both personally and politically.

2. Weather continues to be dramatically abnormal for almost all areas of the planet but especially here is the U.S. of America. We here is the western states are going to suffer more scattered events of severe drought (causing serious fires) and then in the mid and eastern states there will be many locations with too much water flooding and/or very heavy record breaking rainfall. Wind will be wild and out of control causing much damage in the normal tornado areas but we will also hear of terrible storm/wind damage occurring in areas previously not thought of as tornado corridors. The jet streams are changing their directional flow from the recorded norm due to the warming of the ocean's water and the many presently and going to be active volcanoes which are spewing out ash simultaneously warming the atmosphere on the planet. The angels tell us there will be a shocking disaster at sea the Fall of this year.

Spirit compares wind (the element of air) to our collective human thinking which will likely be in considerable turmoil this and next year. Each time we think negatively about our personal lives and feel frustration or anger towards other humans we cause friction to change the flow of air streams on the planet. This is especially true when an entire culture is angry with another culture accompanied by great and intense outpouring of verbalized words, action and thoughts of that anger. Spirit aligns water (the element) with our emotions which they say are so often out of balance, due to mood swings and the need to express our criticism and fault finding very vocally about what we don't like. When we approach life with mental and emotional criticism, fear and doubt we put into motion a negativity which creates the water of the planet to be out of balance with nature's needs. The angels tell us that we need to vocalize and mentally envision what we want in our lives in order to be happy and say aloud what would be positive and good for ourselves and others with great joy. Through this positive vision of our own lives energized by voicing our positive emotion,  we can enable the creation of balance of the flow of water on the planet.

3. Spirit said that we will notice many bankruptcies during the year 2001 and much restructuring of economics for many large corporations. There will be a small financial rally in the market and for many businesses during the summer of 2001. But this will be rather short lived. We will be suffering through an economy that has to right itself from international losses and trades that need to be balanced.

4. The new president will be faced the inheritance of dealing with handling an economy that is in trouble to say the least. He will choose many good and effective advisors. He will make some choices which will seem to be radical at first. He will be bringing in new ideas which may not be accepted well at first. There will be upheaval in governmental structure all over the planet as well as here in the USA.

5. All governments will find they have to listen to the common man. Old leaderships and their style of policy will collapse around the world one by one starting this year. Those that are in power will not be able to function as a figurehead that is aloof or separate from the people. China will go through an internal struggle with some wanting to return to the past old political policies while there will be a large portion of the general population who feel the need for personal creative expression because personal individuality is being born within that ancient culture. England will also suffer a change as the Queen will not be able to place Prince Charles as the new King. The population will not be open to accepting him so she will have to look to Prince William for the throne. Mental and emotional sentimentalism will cause much life loss in Africa again this year and even next. The wanting to return to old ways will not help the people there. The power of humanitarianism is strong this year so there will be many meetings for peace and some will bring good results.

5. Spirit says 2001 is year of great flow of creativity, inventive ideas and the setting up of new goals for all companies and individuals. All of which  will come into form during the year 2002. The art world will prosper and bear out many new and fantastic expressions. Freedom of expression is key to this year which will cause many upheavals. Communication,  Love, social action, freedom, birth, family are all key words for the year of 2001.

6. The angels tell us that to predict about what will happen in the world will become more difficult as this millennium progresses. The reason for this is that humans are using their own free will and creating their life as they go along. This is the new way. The old manner of Karma and destiny is dissolving because we as humans are now gaining the power to be responsible for our own decisions and creating with the God Force our own life events.

Predictions Given Through Table Tipping for the year 2000-2001 at the beginning of the year 2000.

1. Spirit continues to tell us of weather upheavals and earth quakes being constantly a problem during the year 2000 and early into the year 2001. We will see serious level earthquakes in the early  months of the year 2000, especially during  Feb. - May in the Pacific Rim countries and possibly California.  There will be more instances of and there has been  much constant quake activity along the border of the states of Nevada & California. Spirit continually remarks and shares their concern about the instability of this area of the U.S. West. There is an indication of Volcanic activity in Hawaii during February 2000.  During August of 2000 there is an indication of possible quake activity in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Turkey and China. There may be more volcanic activity arousing in MT St. Helens during Feb., August or November of 2000.

2. Weather continues to be dramatically abnormal for almost all areas of the planet. Especially if you were to compare today's weather patterns to those recorded in the past. Erratic weather patterns become a significant problem for farming and all types of agriculture. Many, many farmers will give up farming because of the disasters and losses they have already and are yet to face. Agriculture will go through a revolution and only a few small farmers will survive. They will survive due to their intuition, ingenious ways of dealing with animals and the land. Thus new ideas about plants, animals and all farming come into reality through deep necessity. The Genetically altered seed and the traditional seed farming groups will almost go to battle. Spirit says we need to pray for and send energy daily to, those farmers who hold on to and protect the traditional original seeds. Because over time we might loose all of the earth's the pure original seed stocks if not for their stewardship, and almost starve to death on our own planet due to the viral damage that can be done to the genetically, biologically altered seed crops of the near future which prove to be a weak replacement to good old-fashioned pure seed crops.

3. The Dow will go down in February of 2000. In March it will be as low as 10,000 -10,500. Due to the fact that on-line personal trading becomes a personal sport or the" new game"  among Americans, the stock market will probably never really "crash" as it did in the 1920's. There will be a great expansion of the number of those who will bet their personal money and trade stocks daily which will effect the ups and downs of the market in new ways. This type of trading will keep a different balance within the market, not allowing for an actual crash to become an easy  reality. There will be large shifts and swings in the market of over 200 points within a day that will seem almost normal fare because it will happen with such regularity. It is possible that we will see the stock market reach  over 12,000 and onwards  to 13,000 creating a new high, during the year 2000.

4. The new president will experience difficulties with his life force, making spirit tell us he may not actually live through his office term of presidency.  He will not be a person who has as much experience as a professional politician. He faces physical danger in late Spring and early Summer of his first year in office. Many incumbents will leave the office of senator and representative of the house, because there will be a surge of new faces which appear as candidates at the last moment. The people will want individuals who have at least some integrity to vote for with each respective office to represent them.  Taxes, personal privacy and garbage will become the key issues of the next political regime.

5. Large banks will continue to merge.  (As one spirit told us, "The merging continues until you will see nearly only one large bank of the world emerge into function within the next ten years.") Small specialty banks that remain loyal to constituents with specialized personal touch techniques will become very popular and successful in the next three years.

Psychic Predictions from spirit received through table tipping during the summer of 1997!
1. There will be more volcanoes simultaneously active on earth during 1998-2001 than ever in  recorded human history. This will create more bizarre weather patterns that will negatively effect agriculture. Eventually this challenges scientists and agriculturists to develop new and improved ways to grow food. There will be extensive and more inventive green house experiments ending in success creating new and superior plants with better nutritional value. Out of what seems to be a mother nature produced natural disaster new careers are formed in agricultural sciences using huge robotic, computerized and manned atmospheric centers for food production.

2. In during September the stock market will drop to a scary level of low making the market somewhat unstable. It will rise again during late October.

3. In the early 2000's we will see a newer more effective form of political leadership involving a council of leadership formed of representatives from all earth cultures. Many of its working principles will be inspired by a need to help the earth and by exciting outer space discoveries.

4. Spirit says that there are more channels of inventive ideas available to earth than ever before. Not only is technology advancing so rapidly that the media will not be able to keep up with reporting about it at the speed it at which it advances, but also medical discoveries will increase and astound us with new techniques of healing we never dreamed of before. Magnetic energy and gravity will be better understood for use of propulsion. Mathematics will go through some major discoveries that will change the science forever.

5. Humans are becoming more and more creative. It seems almost everyone is expressing their own creativity in some format. They consciously are channeling this creativity into the arts and into the physical reproduction of the human race. However, the actual creative energy is yet to be deeply interpreted and practically understood by humans. We are in the infant stages of developing  our role as co-creators with the God Force. We are meant to be using the creative force to develop a perfect flow in our life's situations thereby lessening our earthly struggle.
Predictions from December 1997
1.  A special ray of God-force energy will be radiating energy around and into the earth during the entire month of November.
It will empower all humans to manifest their thoughts into physical reality with much more speed and effectiveness. Therefore,
what you think you are more likely to receive faster and more directly than ever before in human history during the time this
energy ray is activated. "Be careful about what you think!"

2. Spirit says there will be many small and large miracles and also many sad and terrible manifestations in November because of
this energy ray. The God-force is sending this ray because we, as humans, must learn about the responsibility of our thoughts
and the potential manifestations they create. It seems this is a test to see if humankind is grown-up enough to become more
empowered as co-creators of their own destiny.

3. Spirit says that those of us who consciously embrace this energy for the use of the "good of all" during this month, will find
ourselves much more powerful in our own ability to manifest our personal good for the rest of our physical existence.

4. They say we are heading into the 2000's as partners with the God-force energy. (The number two universally symbolizes
partnership.) That we will get to practice and activate this partnership through creating the model of a new and peaceful world
with our own personal positive thoughts and ideas. Much like if you want to build a new house you must have architectural
plans drawn so the contractor can build the house exactly as you have it designed in your mind. You will be creating the
architectural design for harmony and peace within the community, your personal lives & relationships thereby effecting your
flow with prosperity, peace and harmony. This will be done  if you can dream of it now and plan it out in your mind. Then you
must act out the design of these dreams and plans.
Predictions given in 1998
1. It is important to understand that we are affecting and co-creating our own and the earth's future. What we believe the world
will be like - so shall it be. Thus be careful about pondering thoughts of earth's destruction, war, famine and it's end -  for we
will co-design it by our words and thoughts.  Earth is an essential schoolhouse for spirit to attend for experiential growth and
wisdom. Spirit is not desiring that we plan its dramatic demise through fear and belief in the strength of evil to undermine its

2.  Humans are becoming more and more psychic. Many of the new babies that are being born now and throughout the
remaining 90's will be telepathic and clairvoyant. All humans will find themselves having more psychic experiences. Some may
say it is just a "coincidence."  There were many heavy etheric veils that actively surrounded the earth since the "dark ages"
(When humanity was too immature to handle manifesting energies.) which have been released.  The present veil between the
dimensions is very thin.

This release opens the way to our awareness of our spirituality. All things and experiences that we consider psychic will be more
available and normal to us all. Many people will feel and sense their deceased loved ones and reporting they have seen angels,
saints and other guiding spirits. Others will become much more telepathic. Some people will become powerful healers when in
the past they thought such things were impossible. More humans will be able to see and feel auras and elemental energies some
call fairies or elves.

3. We all know that several species of animals are becoming extinct upon earth. However Spirit says there are many new species
of animals and insects being born on earth that we have yet to discover. Scientists will learn more about the future of the
earth's environment by studying these new species that have been created in response to the earth's new design by the God

4. (a). My husband who is practicing to be psychic and is now at a amateur level predicts; "It will snow this winter in the United
States." (Oh well I'm supporting him! He is a love.)
                                               These are Past Predictions given by spirit.

Copyright - by Angela M. Mattey 1997

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