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1. Book - The Key to Spiritual & Psychic Development Table Tipping  - by Angela M. Mattey
 ISBN 987-1-882836-00-0 Perfect bound, Generously Illustrated, $17.95, 360 pp.  Description. This book enables the reader to share in Angela's actual spirit contact experiences with clients. It is written with specific how to instructions to teach the reader how to safely enjoy their own ability to contact and communicate with spirit through an old-fashioned spiritualist's tool Table Tipping.
Read more about table tipping and spirit contact on the page about this book.

2. Audio CD Meditation   - Description: Accompanying Mediation CD for use at the beginning of each table tipping session for Protection and Empowerment of the Spiritual Energy Circle to enable White Light communications with spirit.   Track 1 : The guided meditation for those doing Beginning Tipping sessions. Track 2: Meditation for advanced tippers doing Universal tipping sessions.
ISBN 978-1-882836-01-7, $18.95  45 min.  As referred to and can be reviewed by clicking on Table Tipping Book Page.

3. Audio Meditation & Teaching CD   - Learn How to Relax and Meditate,
Track 1 : The facts to know and the Easy & Quick exercises to do to master meditation.
Tracks 2 & 3 : Easy short meditations for relaxation.
After teaching meditation to students for years with miraculous success this is a long awaited product from Angela that all will want to use.  ISBN 1-88236-02-2 $16.95

4. Audio Meditation & Teaching CD - Connecting with your Inner-teacher and Spirit Guides,
Track 1 : Teaches you the easy methods for creating a bond with your Inner-Teacher and Spirit Guides. Also included is an ancient guided technique for self evaluation of your connection with spirit.
Track 2:. Has a guided meditation which when done regularly establishes a deep intuitive bond with your inner-teacher and spirit guides. Includes helpful auditory brainwave techniques for connecting with other dimensions effectively and easily.
Having seen and connected with her Spirit Guides and Angels since childhood, Angela has unique input into simple direct ways to connect with spirit. This teaching CD includes a very special technique for evaluating your progress with your spirit connections, plus a powerful connecting meditation that has been proven to be very effective with her students in her seminars for years .  ISBN  1-882836-03-0 $16.95

5. E-MAIL  ---  Palmistry&Hand Analysis Lessons:

Learn all about the secrets of Palmistry in the peace and quiet of your own home and study at your own pace.

Angela has had so many requests for instructing Palmistry that she has decided to offer a wonderful program of study.

There are two formats for (on line Palmistry study) e-mailed Palmistry  lessons.

Format #1 is the called the" normal study" program. This program is for the serious to semi-serious students who might want to be professionally certified palmists or just want a certification of completion for doing the study.   In this program two lessons will be sent a month through e-mail to you for a small fee of $20 a month. Thus you will receive detailed professional quality lessons, one at the beginning of each month and the other mid month. You will have the freedom to e-mail Angela with your questions about hands, your hands, and / or the lesson material with each lesson sent. You pay for and may study month by month and stop at any time. The lessons are given in a progression to build professional knowledge about palmistry. The $20 fee must be paid at least one month in advance by sending in the order form below and filling it out with your name, address and e-mail address plus a check or money order for U.S. Funds to TAM Enterprises at 4050 Cloverlawn Dr. Grants Pass, OR. 97527 USA
Angela has developed this special step-by-step professional quality Palmistry program to teach you how to read hands effectively. The whole program is approved by the American Professional Palmistry Association. When the entire program is completed by a student  they can qualify to be members of the APPA with qualifications and certification to be recognized as a professional Palmist. For more information about the APPA click here.

Format #2 which is called the "sampler study" program. This program allows you to purchase the lessons singly. You can choose the specific lesson or lessons you might want to study from the entire directory list of the 24 lessons. Each lesson has a description given by lesson number - to see this directory of the class descriptions click here. When you do the "sampler study" program each lesson costs $15.00 to be paid  in advance to TAM Enterprises and sent in with the completed order form below. You can choose one or more lessons.  Send a completed  printed form from below and a check for the correct U.S. $ Amount to TAM Enterprises.

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TAM ENTERPRISES PUBLISHERS --  4050 Cloverlawn Drive Grants Pass, OR. 97527 USA
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#1 Book The Key to Spiritual & Psychic Development Table- Tipping

Price $17.95 in U.S. $ Plus S&H

Check Bottom Row of Form

Quantity _________ 
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#2 Audio Meditation CD Table Tipping Meditation CD Price $18.95 U.S. $ Plus S&H Check Bottom Row of Form Quantity _________ 
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#3 Audio Meditation CD   How to 
Relax and Meditate
Price $16.95 U.S. $ Plus S&H Check Bottom Row of Form Quantity  ______ 
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#4 Audio Meditation CD Connecting with your Inner-teacher and Spirit Guides  Price $16.95 U.S. $ Plus S&H Check Bottom Rom of Form Quantity _____ 
Total Price______
Palmistry Lessons e-mailed to you personally by Angela. 
Two types of e-mailed  Palmistry programs are offered:
#1 Normal Study Program
#2 The "Sampler Study Program" is taking any lesson  or lessons you want just for fun-- see the directory by clicking here.
"Normal study program"" for achieving certification  includes: Two lessons a month to be ordered and paid for 1 mo. in advance.  Normal Program 
Two lessons for a month $20 

(One single  lesson $15.00 -  lessons can be purchased singly -- Check out the directory listing of all the descriptions of each lesson of the program by clicking here!!) 

Check the type of Palmistry lesson  program you have chosen -
check mark the line at # 1 or # 2 below. 

#1 - Normal Program _____ 
#2 - Sampler Study Program ____ 
If choosing single lessons please include check list from the classes page - click here to print it out now.
Quantity ordered _______ 
Total Price ______

Palmistry lessons on CD - There are two CDs.


CD #1 has Intro & lessons # 1-12.

CD#2 has lessons #13 - 24.

Both Cd #1 & CD #2 combined are the Full APPA Hand Study Program.

Price for 1 CD $59.95 ea + $5.95 S&H in Continental USA and + $8.00 S&H for other countries.

Special buy Price for Full Program - 2 CDs -$110 + $7.95 S&H in Continental USA and + $9.95 for other countries.

Item/s Ordered ___________


Total Price _________

Shipping & Handling 

Book in U.S. $7.50 Priority USPS
Other Countries $22.00 Global Priority (Where it applies). Otherwise it is shipped USPS parcel post

One Audio meditation CD S&H $5.95 - Priority USPS - 2 or more CDs S&H $7 in U.S. - Priority USPS.

$18 outside U.S. and it is shipped Parcel Post.  

Total cost of Products 
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