The Wild Rose Ranch

The above painting is a scanned image of one of the wild rose& blackberry images Angela is painting & firing into glass for the house.  

(Wild roses & blackberries are everywhere on the land here is Grants Pass.)

The Wild Rose Ranch is located at 4050 Cloverlawn Drive.  It has 9.6 acres of land and is in the Wildrose gated community minutes from downtown Grants Pass.

We started construction of the barn April 16th digging to create holes for the pillars for the barn. The cement for them was poured April 18th. The house design was created by Tom and Angela on her computer with a CAD program. The Excavation for the house was started April 23rd and the Cement footer was started April 26th and then poured May 9th. The block foundation for the house was built, filled with cement and finished May 18th.

Below are some photos that show the progress of our project as of May 23, 2001.

Check back often as we will be adding photos of our progress.

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Here - (May 20th), the barn is up and under roof with the roof shingles almost all on. It is a three stall horse barn which will have a tack room, hay storage and room for Tom's pride and joy, "The Massey" which you can see is already parked there.

A good distance view of the land and the barn from the back pasture. The old farm house built in 1914 is hidden behind the Black and English Walnut trees, but slightly visible just left of the windmill which shows up a bit just over the distant roof of a neighbor's house up on Cloverlawn drive.

The surrounding mountains which are around us in all directions are BLM land. There are riding trails and lots of wildlife because of this government protected land that basically surrounds our land.

Isn't Tom doing a great job with the roof and the barn?

Here you can see the windmill better. It is a working Montgomery Ward Air Master windmill. This is a view of the barn from the back pasture while facing Northeast.

In the right hand foreground is a large California Black Oak which is at the base of the hill where the house is located. In front of it are some of the many blackberry bushes that are everywhere. There are 5 Oregon White Oaks in a row in the distance directly behind the windmill which the horses will love for shade in their front pasture. You can see the Jeffrey and Ponderosa Pines abound here too.

This is the block foundation for the house. You are looking up the hill from the barn. There is the California Black Oak on the right hand side again which I showed to you in the above photo. You are facing the Southwest in this photo. Some of the beautiful forest land behind and beside of the house is ours.

This time you are looking down on the house foundation facing Grants Pass while standing above the back of the house.

You can see the barn on the left and beyond it is our neighbor's French Country house. In front of the foundation is the California Black Oak tree a bit down the hill. Then to the right and down the hill is the Old Farm house behind the Walnut trees. The windmill is tucked behind and slightly to the right of the California Black Oak.

The garage part of the house is in the right side of the foundation and you can see the two outsets for the turret shaped rooms that face Grants Pass at the front of the house.

This is "Mommy Deerest" and her son. They and about ten other deer live at our rental house which is in the deep forest of Madrone, Douglas firs, Red Cedars, Colorado Spruce, Maples, Oaks, Dogwoods, plus Sugar and Jeffrey pines.

This photo was taken late last summer right outside of the back door. We feed them treats of apples and grain. As you can see the sunlight can barely make it through the thick overhead canopy of tree branches.

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