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Our Antique Montgomery Ward Windmill

May 24 the septic system is being put in. The leach field is placed out into the bottom pasture and the tank is placed south/west of the house.
The house foundation is waterproofed and sealed by Tom and his helper Loyal (see him on extreme left of the picture) the last week in May by painting on several layers of ThoroSeal .
The barn walls are sided with Red Cedar Batten strips over rough wood by Tom and Loyal. Here you can see the 3 stall openings on the east side wall and the main door facing you on the south side. Notice the little openings? Well that is the chicken house area in the barn . The bottom opening is their ramp to get into their chicken house. Oh - note-that under the old Oak tree the "Massey" is resting from loading and leveling all of the different layers of soil for the barn floor.
This photo shows the east facing side of the barn where the three horse stalls are to be. There will be open pens/stalls inside the barn and outside pens for each of the horses.
Tom and Loyal put in new fencing around the main pasture that goes next to the barn out to and including the northeast perimeter of our land. There were lots of areas of Blackberry bushes, old barbed wire, and fence posts that had to cleared away. The Massey, Tom and Loyal worked for hours on this project. They did this in mid June in between doing the drains for the house shown above.
This photo is a close up of the southern side of the barn. This is the main entrance to the hay storage. Inside the barn on the north wall there is a tack room. The chicken house which is inside the barn is located within the left corner with openings here on the south wall. The barn is now ready for paint and its cupola to be put on the roof.

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