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A great close-up of "The Massey" while it is resting.

June 6th through 10th Tom put in the drains inside of the crawl space for drainage of each of the five inside steps that go lower and lower within the foundation.

In this photo you can see the French drain process on the outside of the wall going around the perimeter of the house to drain outside rain water away, as well as, drain the pickup pipes for the house down spouts.


Here is another view of the drains showing the hours upon hours of work spreading a layer of pea gravel, and then layers of larger sized gravel - after digging out all of the rock and clay underneath the area to create pathways for the whole drain system. Tom and the Massey worked very hard here.

In this photo you can see the wood sill plate is on the top of the walls so the foundation is ready for the floor joists to be hung.

One more photo of all of the pipe that had to be laid and then buried under layers of gravel. The Massey is tired! Or is it that Tom who is tired????
The floor joists have arrived and there's "The Massey" which is probably thinking, "Oh My! Do they need me for this too?"

The floor joists are hung 16" on center on June 4th. Now it is time for the plumber to do the rough in stage of the plumbing system.

Notice the Catalpa Tree down below is in full bloom. It is still green everywhere this month even though we are having a serious drought with no measurable amount of rain.

The insulation for the crawl space was put in July 2 and the floor's surface was sheeted with 7/8" Gold board July 3. The wall lines were snapped into place for us to check over on July 23.

July 27 the walls are going up. This is so exciting that I walked on air all day.

This photo is showing the back side of the house and the fresh poured cement for the garage floor where you see the men working to do the finishing of its smooth surface.

Here the walls that form the front of the house are viewed from down at the barn by the old oak tree. The sheeting for the walls was done the last week of July, so on the next page you will note that all of the walls show up because they have been sheeted for strength and and made plumb for truss support.

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