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A view from a distance of our house on the hill and the barn down in the pasture.

I know! I cheated! This is a photo of our house as it looked the last last week in September.

During the first week of August the pre-built to engineered specifications roof trusses were delivered and set.

Here you see the crane setting the central roof trusses for the major part of the house. The wall areas with pop-out rooms on the front and south side of the house will have stick built roof trusses that are built on site to engineered specifications to form the necessary sunburst shape.

Another view of the crane and the framers setting the trusses for the roof of the garage. This is the east side of the house. This is where the driveway will come up the slope to a parking area next to the garage.
This photo of the front of the house shows that the central part of the house has the roof trusses set. You can see the form of the hip roof skeleton showing.

August 8 through 12 the roof sheeting is done. This is none to soon as the clouds are forming for rain, and it rains.

August 21 the framers started putting in all of the interior walls. I have frustrated them a bit as I did make a few changes of an inch here and two inches there. They were still working with interior walls through the 28th of the month due to the fact they had problems with their previous job that held them up from getting to our job site

This view of the front of the house demonstrates how high off the hard surface of the hill the front of the house stands for a level solid footing that was built into the hill.

I think the foundation is 8,9, and 10 courses of block high in some areas in the front and as low as 3 courses high at the back side of the house.

Now the fascia boards are on and ready for paint in order to be ready for roofing felt.


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