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The house is starting to look like a house!



Photograph A

Photo A

It is the first week of September.

Yes, those are our windows at the window shop ready to be delivered to 4050 Cloverlawn Dr.

Photograph B

Photo B

Now the house has been wrapped with Tyvek and the windows are put in. They will be eventually sealed more with Tyvek tape so they have an even tighter bond than they already have now from just the work done on them today.

There are transom windows above each regular window because the walls inside of the house are 10' high. This gives a fantastic amount of viewing area from inside of the house. We have a fabulous view overlooking the city of Grants Pass, the Rogue River Valley and all of the surrounding mountains.

Photograph C

Photo C

The fascia board is being painted by Tom. Where is he? I think he is talking to the framers about the windows being sealed in today.

The electricians have been working since the last week in August doing the electrical, telephone and TV wiring.

Photograph D

Photo D

Finally the Pacific Power company is putting in our transformer. They charged us a whole lot to bring in their lines and the transformer. Tom and the Massey did a lot of work with all of the ditches that had to be dug and refilled for this project.


The photo on the left shows our electric boxes that make up our house service in the garage. I think this, the house wiring, was one job that the Massey didn't have to participate in and I know it was happy about that.

The picture on the right shows the form for the front porch pillar which will be stone. Tom and the Massey did a lot of work here preparing everything so it is plumb with the roof so far above. Plus Tom had to get it level even though it is way below the surface grade where the front porch will eventually be poured with cement. This preparation will stabilize the fill for a more secure platform of cement for the porch.

Photograph F

Photo F is interesting - it looks like the Massey is playing hide and seek with the big industrial dump truck. Not! The Massey just never gets to play - it is work, work, work!

The roofer is putting the felt on the roof. The truck is moving soil from the back of the house to the front of the house for fill. Actually moving the natural hill behind the house around to the front yard. The Massey was loading materials for the roofer, I think, and then it was leveling soil because the big Case out in front of the house is creating the front yard.

Photograph G

Photo G - See there is the big Case excavator out front creating our yard. Wow! That big thing it is awfully close to my new windows! Roy, the operator, is fantastic he can move the dirt with a delicate touch.

You can see the windows more closely. Notice the one sky light on the roof. We actually have 10 skylights on the roof and lots of windows. Once the front area is filled in you wouldn't know that the house is up in the air on a high foundation underneath just to be level on the hill.

Photograph H

Photo H

Well there is the front yard in its beginnings. Oh My!!! The Massey has much work to do here. Further out into the front of this part of the yard and lower down the hill will be an arena for the horses. That seems a long way off from happening from where we are with this project right now.

Another view of the house as it sits on the whole slope is shown on the previous page. You can see the Case working in front of the house and how the hill behind the house is being carved away. We have reshaped the whole site and it is becoming beautiful.

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