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Since 2004, Angela has been doing palmistry readings for many celebrities and stars such as Ashton Kutcher, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Orlando Bloom, Usher, Hillary Duff, Gwen Stefani, (Just to mention a few) for a monthly column in Tiger Beat Magazine.

If you are interested in a personal palm / hand analysis reading please carefully copy your hands one at a time in a photo copying machine. Put the cover over your hand. It is essential that you do not press your hand down too firmly. Too much pressure will flatten your hands and remove evidence of the lines and dermal patterns (finger prints). Sometimes it is best to do two copies of each palm image you make so that I receive as much hand information as possible. Next do one copy of the fingernail side or back side of each hand. It is very important that the lines on the ulnar side (little finger side) of the hand show up. Depending upon your personal hand shape you may have to copy this edge of the hand separately. Another suggestion is to try to include a clear image of your thumb showing your finger print area if possible.(This thumb image is not as essential as all other images your send.) Mark each copy as right or left and then also mark the dominant hand copy. Remember, an excellent quality photo copy will allow for an excellent quality reading.

An alternative method for getting a pure image of the lines and dermal patterns of your palm is to print your palm if it is done clearly. To do this use a water based ink or a dark colored children’s finger paint that is diluted enough to make a print of your hand. If you do this, please be careful that the print is clear and not smudged in any way. Also while doing the print of each hand, outline your hand with a pencil to show the shape of the hand and true length of each of your fingers. As you are lifting your palm from the print on the piece of paper, you may gently roll your hand over towards the Ulnar side in order to print the lines under the little finger.

Please note if you are interested in having: ( 1.) a talent/occupational ability study done, or a ( 2.) a predictive reading with information about yourself. You may include two general questions for the focus of the (2.) predictive personal reading. If you are wanting a (2) type of reading, you can include a color photo of yourself alone (No other people in the photo please.) so that I can read your aura and connect with your spirit guides for messages. The fee for the reading is $130.00. I study your hand copies or prints for an hour while in a semi-meditative state to open up to any special insights for you  first. Then I will meditate upon your photo and your questions if you include them. I talk to you about your hands and the intuitive information I receive for you on the tape. Your reading is recorded on an audio tape which is then mailed to you. If you want any of your materials returned to you with the tape please indicate this.

In Order to have a reading done -- Be sure to include: 1.your name, 2. your age, 3. your gender, 4. your birth date, 5. the mailing address to which you wish to have your reading tape shipped and 6. (Most of all) a clear hand print or copy of each hand, both the front (palm) and back (finger nail) sides of your hands. PLEASE, state which is your dominant hand and mark each copy as right and left hand.  (If you are interested in information concerning your relationships please copy the Ulnar - or little finger - edge of your hands also.) The quality and depth of the reading you receive depends completely upon the quality of the hand prints or copies you send!!!

For Palm Reading Send: A check or money order for the amount of $130.00 US Dollars and all of information requested in the above paragraph by mail to:

Angela Mattey  4050 Cloverlawn Dr.  Grants Pass, OR. 97527 USA

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