Angels Spirituality and IntuitionAngels, Spirituality and Intuition
Do you believe in Angels?
Do you think there is life after death?
Have you ever experienced feeling or seeing a spirit or receiving heavenly help from someone who wasn't physical?
Do you believe in fairies, elves or other earth spirits?
When I was seven, my Grandmother shared many stories with me about the "Wee People" who played pranks on her when she was a little girl in her native land, Ireland. She taught me how to watch for fairies. She showed me the tricks of how to know if they were present in my own flower garden that she helped me tend in her yard. She said that if I believed in them, they would not only let me see them but, they would fill my garden with their love and I would always grow beautiful plants. Well, to this day everyone who knows me says that I have an unusual knack and success with plants. I learned to know and trust the mystyical side of life through my Grandmother's love and open sharing. We experienced many mystical events together in our garden and outside of it.

One late May afternoon when I was twelve, during a spelling lesson I saw a light appear in my classroom that I couldn't explain. At the same moment I was overcome with a feeling of deep sadness in my heart that made me wonder if I was ill. I asked my teacher if I could be excused to go to the bathroom.

As soon as I closed the classroom door and was in the dark school hallway I felt even weaker. Shaking, I sank to the floor with my back against the wall. The same bright light I had seen before reappeared to me. This time it brought an overwhelming presence that made all the physical surroundings seem to blur from my sight. In the warmth of this light I saw my Grandmother with a beautiful "winged being" filled with a special sparkling light.

My Grandmother looked away from me and faced the "winged being". Mentally I knew she was telling me I would always have the help and companionship of this being. Then, with a sad expression, she slowly waved to me as the bright light faded away. My young heart felt a deep pain of hollow loneliness that filled me inside as I knew that she was leaving me forever.

When I came back to the awareness of the dim school hallway I rushed to the exit. Tearfully I ran, afraid of what I would find, all the way to my Grandmother's house. There I found my Mother, Aunt and a priest giving the last rites to my Grandmother's body where I saw her light no more.

After some time I knew I had received a powerful gift. I would never again wonder about the whole of existence. I would always be with the spiritual realms while I was in the physical world.

Webster defines "spiritual" as having the nature of spirit, that is relating to that which is immaterial. Intuition is defined as a sense of something not evident or deductable.

I am interested in your "brushes" with your spirituality and I would love to hear about your intuitive experiences.

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