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Table Tipping can be read about in the book "The Key to Spiritual and Psychic Development Table Tipping" by Angela M. Mattey

ISBN 978-1-882836-00-0 Perfect bound book, Generously Illustrated, $17.95, 360pp

"Mattey has successfully broken through age old blockages of prejudice to explore the value of table tipping as an intensely effective spiritual process for consciousness expansion." (AZ. Networking News)

"What is Table Tipping", I get asked that about every day.
Many people don't know what it is and I understand that."   (A. Mattey)

At one of my book signings a man picked up my book and confidently started to walk towards the check out counter of the big bookstore where we were. Then he spun on his heel and asked me if the book covered what percentage amount is appropriate when tipping the restaurant's maitre d' and wanted to know if my book discussed the percentage differences for tipping waiters in different cities.

I chuckled and told him my book was about an old-fashioned spiritualist's tool used for talking with spirit, especially the dead. He looked startled and immediately wanted to know if it would help him to know how to get in touch with his recently deceased mother. I said, "Well yes, you can use this tool for connecting with a deceased loved one.  Although, I principally wrote the book to teach about a modern use of this old spiritualist technique which is to get in touch with one's spirit guides and angels for answers about their lives. However, within the book I do tell people exactly how to get in touch with deceased family members and friends relaying how to safely receive accurate information from spirit through the table tipping process.

We had a nice conversation ending with him buying the book for an entirely different reason than his first intention.

"Table tipping is an experience. One cannot do justice in describing any experience, you just plain have to do it to thoroughly understand and enjoy it." I have been doing and teaching table tipping for many years with clients and students and each time I do it I am fascinated with how it unfolds into an extraordinary event. People always walk away with a new excitement about their own well-being and a deeper love of God because they touch into the love that spirit energizes them with and commonly say, they were personally touched by God.

I wrote this book to tell people about the spiritual realms, spirit guides, and to give them a deeper understanding about their own spirituality. Within it I give them the keys to understand why they are here in this life and how to work with their abilities through the guidance of their own spirit helpers to create a happier life. I have many readers report back to me how life changing the information in the book has been for them even though they had not yet table tipped. One business man called me while on a flight to China from his own jet airplane because he said it made him understand death and his spirituality so deeply that he no longer had a fear of death. This was a deeply rewarding message for me.

Along with writing the book, I produced an audio meditation tape that I found was necessary for a person to listen to and follow at the beginning of each table tipping session. It provides for a prayerful protection process creating the respect needed for gathering accurate spiritual information. It helps the sitters to energize a "white light" energy circle for healing and rewarding table tipping experiences.

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"The Key to Spiritual and Psychic Development Table Tipping" Meditation tape. ISBN 1-882836-01-4 $11.95

(The audio tape gives the protection technique necessary for white light spirit communications.)

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Now I will share with you just a few personal experiences students and clients have had tipping with me using the book's technique.

Table Tipping Solves a Suspected Suicide.

A man and  woman arrive at my door telling me they wanted or needed to table tip with me. They told me they had heard about me through some friends that had gotten a lot of help from spirit through table tipping with me in the past. They told me they were very saddened by the recent death of their daughter, Laura.

Laura had been driving on some lonely curved country roads in Texas, late at night, on her way home from a party at her workplace in town. Her roommate became disturbed and called the Sheriff when Laura did not arrive home that night and was still missing the next morning. The sheriff's department discovered the girl's car below a cliff at a treacherous turn in the road. The sheriff deducted from the appearance of the evidence at the scene that she had been speeding and lost control of her car or that she deliberately drove off the cliff taking her life. The family found this difficult to believe because carelessness or suicide did not fit the nature of their daughter's personality or habits.

We seated ourselves around my table and said a prayer of protection asking for the Light of God to bring us the truth. The table started to move under our fingers immediately. We all felt nervous tension yet received a sense of loving peace from the spirit moving the table. The spirit was the woman's Chief Guide. This spirit guide was able to locate Laura on the other side in the spiritual realms. Laura's presence came to the table. Both of the parents were overcome with emotions and tears when she touched their souls with  her love through the table. After we collected ourselves, Laura started moving the table to tell us her message. I immediately could "see" her and described her to her parents, Laura also gave me her middle name and a nick name she had for her brother. Her  parents cried once again knowing we had truly made contact.

Laura explained that an old yellow truck swerved into her path racing head-on towards her. It forced her off the road  making her loose control in the rocks and bushes on the outside edge of the pavement. She tried to bring the car to a stop just as she was able to see in the headlight's beams that the land ended and dropped off sharply on the other side of the bushes. She described her anguish when she knew she couldn't correct the situation. She said time slowed down. Then she felt she was watching her car falling through the empty darkness. With the headlights  still on she could see the  tumbling action of the car as it crashed to the bottom of the deep ravine.

Suffering a severe cranial blow from the shock of the sudden impact when her car hit the rocks and bushes at the edge of the road's  pavement, she said she was out of her body immediately before her physical death. As a soul she rose above the accident scene and saw the driver get out of his yellow truck and look down the ravine at her car.

She said she could sense he was terrified and witnessed him get back into the truck and speed away. She told us that had he the courage to come and help her body, she might have physically lived. However, in her present state of harmony and happiness she felt no negative emotions towards the man. She knew her life's lessons as Laura were complete and that her soul and Higher Self had planned to end her relatively short life with this almost painless death.

The most validating message that came through during this table tipping was that Laura saw and remembered the numbers on the truck's license plate . The family turned  this information over to the Sheriff. He discovered  that a man did live in the area who owned the described truck with the exact license plate numbers. The man had reported the truck stolen a few days before Laura's accident. The truck was never located again. This created insufficient evidence to involve the original owner of the vehicle, plus he did not fit Laura's description of the man causing her accident. Also, there were no witnesses to the theft of the truck, so the case ended there.

Laura's parents felt they had satisfactory proof that she did not commit suicide and had not been recklessly driving.  They now knew that the incident was a true accident.  The love she sent through the table was very healing for them. They were comforted and able to move through their own grieving process knowing she was at peace and content in the spiritual realms. They had made a good connection with their daughter through our table tipping session, one  that gave her mother a deeper awareness of identifying her daughter's spiritual presence connections there after in her everyday life.

Doing table tipping to speak to deceased persons is not my goal but it so often happens when a new group of people sitting at the table for their first session.  Usually this type of contact is healing and comforting to the living and opens the pathway for trusting spirit guide communications. Using table tipping to solve crimes is emotionally draining and usually I do not take such cases because of the stress involved.

Connecting With a Spirit Guide Through Table Tipping

A group of people are seated around a wooden table with their hands palms down on its surface. They have done a "White Light" protection prayer and a special spiritual energy circle meditation to start the session. One person, the leader, verbally asks for a helping spirit or guide to come to the table to communicate with one of the sitters. When the spirit guide arrives all the sitters feel a warming energy fill the room and the person for whom the guide came will sense a deep resonance with love that washes over him. Each sitter is "tuned in" to the presence of the guide. Some "feel" or "hear" a message others "see" the spirit. With all the sitters channeling in its energy the spirit guide can present its message and/or answer to a question verbally posed by the leader of the group. The table vibrates with energy under everyone's fingertips and when an answer is needed for a question it moves. Two tips for "yes" and one tip for "no".

The group feels a delicate gentle energy present at the table. It has come to speak to a male sitter named Ted. The group's leader asks the guide if it is his Chief Guide. It answers "yes". The Chief Guide is the coordinator of all of your other spirit guides and knows you the best of all your helping spirits. This guide has watched you design your present life while you were a soul in the spirit realms before your birth.

All the people present feel this spirit is happy with him and loves him very much. However it sends out the feeling that Ted is reluctant to move forward with a project that has been on his mind. So the leader asks, "Are you here to talk with Ted about a project?" the table gently tips twice. Everyone senses, in several ways, that the project is technical, inventive and spiritually inspired. The group leader asks, "Is this project on Ted's spiritual path? Is it part of his original plan before his birth?" Each time the table answers "Yes". Ted then admits he has had mental pictures of an electronic device that works with magnets and healing. The table responds to his conversation by vibrating and tipping with a lot of energy. Then the other sitters "see and feel" Ted in a past life in Atlantis. They see him as a scientist who worked on the same project then. They know he has returned to this life to activate the project again. The guide wants him to follow through on the details he has been receiving in his dreams. Ted becomes excited and asks his guide several questions to clarify the details of this wonderful healing tool. Each question is answered by his guide which enables Ted to start his work with confidence. Through this table tipping session Ted has gained much insight into himself and how to fulfill his role in this life.

Through Table tipping you can ask your spirit guides and angels questions about:

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Psychic Predictions from spirit received for the year 2008 through 2015-  Last updated 9/ 20/ 2007

1. The Earth Changes we all witness these days with weather upheavals, earth quakes, volcanic activity, flooding etc will continue to happen through to the year 2012. That year there will be a stabilizing effect which will settle over the earth creating the new patterns for normal weather on the earth.

2. The guides say that all of the "Space Junk" we send into earth's orbit and the massive amount of gamma, micro, radio, waves, x-rays and magnetic imbalance that is emitted from all of it causes our atmospheric changes, ozone layer weaknesses and has a disastrous effect upon the animals which live by using their own magnetic's, radio waves etc. to navigate the earth for food and breeding purposes. Their natural rhythm is in danger causing more endangered species. This orbital junk and all of its emissions also affects the natural electro magnetic charges of rhythm for the earth.

3. Spirit tells us that the terrorist incidents which have and will occur are happening to teach us to stop worshiping fear and allowing it's drama to be our only resource for energy. We start to see that this drama creates only sadness and pain. We will tire of the pall that fear and its drama holds over us as a humans. It will actually become boring to most of us to be reminded of dramatic disasters. This is because we are growing spiritually. We know deep inside that we are safe and secure from within. We will innately know and develop deep feelings of inner security. Our own soul knows that the date when we are to physically die is supposed to happen when it is right for our spiritual well being. Our physical death will come because we have finished the soul lessons of this lifetime's trip. Genuinely sensing this truth we will start to live fully each day free from fear. This reality is already being practiced by many today. However more and more souls are awakening to this wonderful truth and the the peace it brings to each person's life.

4. By 2009 there will be discoveries of therapies and new medicines which will prevent and lead to a cure for alzhiemer's disease, MS, plus other nerve related diseases and disabilities.

5. Terrorists will take to the sea in order to create a rare disease propagation within two years. They will use water as the facilitator of this slow acting but deadly viral attack.

6. Our new president here in the United States will be a surprise person that did not share the early limelite. The newly elected president will not be female.

7. Russia and China become close partners in outer space projects. Their relationship develops due to the efficient blending of their material resources and scientific abilities. They successfully create a large base station in outer space which will create a security concern among the noncommunist countries of the planet.

8. China will purchase and own many of the most fruitful energy resources of the earth, plus they will be on the leading edge of a new energy discovery in 2010.

9. Water in its pure form will become a rare comodity by 2015. There might actually be wars and deadly struggles over ownership of lands areas where water is prolific.

10. A resurgence of the respect and honoring for Mary, the Mother of God, will happen probably through more miracles, visions and appearances by her. This is all happening to activate a new concept ideal for the "Mother Principle" that is slowly developing among some women who are living in a manner which demands respect for the feminine principle.

11. Spirit repeatedly told us that this Millennium's number 2 reminds us that we are in a CO-creator partnership with God. Add the physically productive power of the number 4, which brings thought into form, we will experience one of the most energetically supportive year number vibrations ever recorded, enabling the human soul to practice mastering its innate ability to physically create its own good. Thus what you think about, you will get quickly in 2004. SO- Think and plan for joyous miracles!

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