Angel Messages - Tips from the Guardian Angels

The Table Tipping newsletter dedicated to the beings of light everywhere.
Edition # 102
Written by Angela M. Mattey
Produced by TAM Enterprises

More messages from spirit received through table tipping.

The Circle of Light created with the table, spiritual intention, spirit's help  and our hands.

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    Here is a group in session connecting with spirit through spiritual table tipping as the table softly levitates under our hands. All of spirit is very excited about this time in earth's history. The angels see humanity hovering at the most pivotal turning point in human history. We, as a race, have reached the "Spring" of our most productive stage of growth and physical life cycle. In other words, humans have reached a stage of self awareness simultaneously while we are in touch with much technological expertise. This technology will enable the awesome capacity for the human race to develop a fuller awareness of the whole individual self, because there will be less everyday work and struggles just to survive. Many chores will be handled quicker through technology. Having achieved this stage of existence we as humans are freer, if we do not utilize the technological advances to complicate our lives, to become more fully aware of and embrace our full potential. This can be achieved  mentally, physically, and emotionally because we will unite and blend with more of our personal God resource essence.

    1999 was a very interesting year of human time, because it was within it the vibration of the three nines. Nine, numerologically expresses itself as a time of expansion, universality, releasing no longer appropriate; old habits, friends, life patterns and beliefs. This year was filled with the need to get rid of the old ways. Humans will still be busy fault-finding, blaming, and analyzing what's wrong. However, spirit says the purpose of the year 1999 was to create brave suggestions for solutions to our problems. It was the time to generate energy towards what will be physically created and manifested as our human reality all through the next 1000 years. It was the year to practice creating small solutions to your personal and small problems. If you do this you will be helping to create the mind set for opening the way for workable solutions to earth's major problems, water, resources, population movement and quantity.

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     The Universality of the three nines will bring wider and more profound recognition to anything we humans do. So if you were thinking of doing a creative project or starting a business this year, the vibration of the nines  will enable that project to become more nationally or worldly recognized.  The nines attract unity and wholeness so it is to be a year of combinations working well together; marriages, partnerships, mergers will abound with positive success.

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     Each group session that we do brings in more of the joy and expectation spirit has about humanity. In 1999, they tell us that there is a huge etheric arena that is formed around the earth's atmosphere. All its seats are filled with visiting spirits from other dimensions of reality, or other planetary realities, and those souls that are waiting to be born into the earth plane. These souls and spirits are cheering on humanity  to work their way through this critical time. They send love and encouragement to any human who opens up to their energy to receive this supportive vibration. Being able to travel through our earth time this year 1999 into the year 2000 while maintaining our earth and communal well being is the big cosmic event which attracts spirits to watch and witness from the whole of the Universe. This arena of fans are sending in futuristic ideas for political policy, scientific inventions, medical breakthroughs, new mathematical and physical law concepts, new ideas for human family and marriage relationships, economic ideas of how to make all of our world an affluent and abundant location. All any of us need to do is to quiet our mind and to tune in to the beings in this awesome arena around the earth. We can stay within the area of our personal interests and we can become the inspiration for inventions to flow into the minds of the necessary genius or become the inventor ourselves.


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    Spirit continues to tell us that earth's weather patterns are changing because we are entering a new situation on earth with so much human population present on its surface.  There will be new "normal" weather patterns for each area of the planet. New types of weather conditions will develop and become consistent for each continent within the next ten years. We will witness new species of: fungus, small almost single celled beings, insects, and different minerals will appear that we haven't used before. There will be more water to manage - and - yet water management is one area we are very immature about in our knowledge and practice. The purer forms of  water that are on the planet are vanishing rapidly. Plus even though there is actually more water in both liquid and vaporous states on the planet, there will be many areas of the planet which will suffer drought like conditions.

    The angels are frustrated with the fear mongers that are everywhere. Spirit  fusses about the greed which is behind the sales of fear. They talk of much deep and long Karma that is being created by those who feel they must talk or gossip about, create and sell fear. They say that fear is a large and unfortunately salable product which is being produced everyday about the millennium time. They tell us the only thing we really may worry about is the vibration of the collective fear humans harbor which can be emitted through the dramas humans plays out with emotionally charged negative energy. This  vibration of combined fear can create for all of  humanity; war, sadness, lack, poverty  and pain . They tell us it is sad to view the human souls who have reached such a powerful stage of growth, use the power of their creative energy spending their precious life force and life time worrying if we are safe, will have food, electricity, etc. while the year 1999 changes into the year 2000. They tell us that the Y2K people - those who do not trust they are safe and carred for by the God force - are creating a sad and needlessly heavy vibration . They say we act in non trust of our birth right, displaying that we are not ready or aware enough to live our achieved power. They tell us it is our time of power to create our wonderful good in the new millennium. If we spend our time not energizing new and better ways we will only re-energize the continuance of our struggles with the human problems that we are now so familiar with.

    We are in a time of probation, in which the God Source is observing the impact of what we achieve in our infancy of our new power. What  can  we generate into creation for ourselves? We must go through this time of probation (1999-2012) proving ourselves worthy of co-creatorship with the God force energy. This level of growth has been achieved by many other worlds and dimensions. It is now our turn. Are we ready and enthusiastic to be there? You bet we are!!!! I am so excited to work within co-creation that I wake up each day, thrilled with another chance to practice. How do you practice and work at this new level of power? Look for  our next newsletter- Tips from the Guardian angels Edition # 3. Want to see the archive of the first and other newsletters? CLICK HERE for more newsletters - "Tips from the Guardian Angels". 


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