Angel Messages - Tips from the Guardian Angels

The Table Tipping newsletter dedicated to the beings of light everywhere.
                                                                       Edition # 103

Written by Angela M. Mattey
Produced by TAM Enterprises

More messages from spirit received through table tipping about the year of 1999.

The Circle of Light created with the table, spiritual intention, spirit's help and our hands.

The last time we tipped late in the month of June, we tapped into an archangel teacher from the cosmic realms. It told us of a planet which is an outer planet in the next neighboring galaxy. The Angel said that this planet was the home of the consciousness of many of the master teachers of earth's history, including Buddha and Jesus, the Christ. This planet as it follows its huge elliptical course through space is now close enough to bring to our earth's solar system the loving, peaceful, and co-creator information humanity is ready for at this time in it's historic point of spiritual evolution. This information carries within it the next awaited for "how to" steps for humanity's next level of awareness expansion. 

Humans can pass through this time with no thought about the grand picture of evolution and miss out on the tremendous generous overflowing well of healing energy and wisdom that is offered during the next few years. So for our own better development and continuing spiritual growth it is important to open our awareness to this galactic event and its energies.

We are finishing up with the 1900's in which the (1) symbolizes the individual self and the ( 9's) symbolize the belief of an external Divinity. Thus the 1900's was a time period during which  humans see themselves as individuals separated from God. The human is believed to be not part of God and is considered a lowly  "sinner",  witnessing God's actions as a victim and living with the resulting circumstances of the outside God dictating how the human's  life will be played out. During this time period of the 1900's the angels guarded us humans closely, as parents would a child learning to ride a two wheeled bicycle for the first time. We humans then would ask for the angel's protection and God's guidance to help us find our pathway back to the source. We as an entire race of human souls are now very practiced in asking of God for help, protection and guidance. 

But now we enter the 2000's - the number (2) which symbolizes our partnership with the God force. God first and foremost being love, a love that is far more than human emotional love, - this love is an etheric glue which holds all processes into a balance and sets all into a wholeness of being. God is light, thought, will, action and creator. These principles are now part of our capacity within our partnership with the God force to learn how to use and manifest as best we can. The training wheels have been taken off our two wheeler and the angels have stepped back to watch us learn how to create and travel our own path. 

This is a scary prospect when you think about it. Are we ready??? Are we intentioned with love??? Are we able to embrace this responsibility with grace??? Or are we going to mis-use such incredibly beautiful tools?? This is our test. We are in tumultuous times in which we must honor this trust and embrace deeply the fullness of love which means we do not judge with righteousness, and we must stay out of fear- which is antithesis of love. When we act from a  fear base we  then separate ourselves from the pathway of creatorship and the divine tools available to us now that we are into the 2000 partnership time and fall back into the "God is outside of us"  pattern of thinking and the victim consciousness of suffering from the 1900's time period. We need to know we have grown beyond this old mindset and are entering a new paradigm of co-creatorship equiped  with the tools to manifest this level of our growth.

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During the earth calendar period of July 11, 1999 through and including August 17 1999,  this planetary energy is radiating outward from the "home" planet and is making its direct  bond with the human souls who are open to its truths. So much will be shared in emotions, sensory evolution ( Both spiritual and physical.), spiritual tools, as well as, direct practical know -how of how to live the new paradigm of co-creatorship. This cosmic intelligent energy is opening our human souls, minds and emotions to incredible insights into new inventions for the good of the whole planet and new thought paradigms that will serve us as code for community, peace and togetherness -so that we can  live as a whole being; individually, and as an entire human race, plus as an actively working part of all in creation.  Our human race will, for the next 50 years, be in studenthood learning how to practice being co-creators.

Many other planetary beings (To us these beings are E.T's.) told us that  this will be quite the event to watch. They think we will be like children with great power unable to channel it into positive effect. They say that we will see much terrorism activity this summer, as the individuality paradigm needs to struggle against the partnership paradigm. The egos of the zealots will work to prove they are special and better than those not in their membership. This will be fear at work - against the flow to God- partnership. These Light beings from other planets see fear as the anti-Christ and that Christedness means that we hold preciously within and are in union with the God force of love. They stated that love and fear cannot simultaneously live in the same heart. So during the July-August time period you and I  need to be quiet and listen within to re-connect with the energy of the "home planet"  in order to learn for ourselves how to live the new partnership and how to graciously release the old paradigm of the 1900's. 

Not all of earth will find this an easy or even desirable task. So look to your internal light to be inside of God's protection and guidance during this summer. Be cautious when you travel to avoid terrorist activity areas and possible outbursts of viral terrorist  activity. We are to pray and visualize China, Iran, Iraq and Kosovo to be calm. To envision leadership options for our country  to be of good heart, open to love and wholeness. 

May you easily find this love and wisdom during your quiet times of this summer, Angela

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