Angel Messages - Tips from the Guardian Angels

The Table Tipping newsletter dedicated to the beings of light everywhere.
                                                                     Edition # 104

Written by Angela M. Mattey
Produced by TAM Enterprises

More messages from spirit received through table tipping about the year of 2000-2001.

The Circle of Light created with the table, spiritual intention, spirit's help and our hands.

We tipped late in the month of October and several times during the month of November. During each tipping session we connected with an Elemental Lord who works with each of the elemental types of fairies and other elfin beings who effect weather processes. This Elemental Lord is an Angelic being (A member of the Terra Angel level of Beings.) who told us about the travel of our galaxy's orbit going through the neighboring galaxy's orbit. This inter looping of galactic orbits allows for the  changing the earth's magnetics through an exposure of the earth to the radiating influences of powerful gamma rays and other particle wave type vibrations which are now bombarding the earth's atmosphere and surface. The types of energies that are involved during this inter traveling of  the galaxy orbits, our human scientists have not yet analyzed, discovered or even learned about in any way, are the cause of our earth's changing weather patterns. These cosmic events are also having direct impact upon our solar system's sun, its gaseous surface explosions and what our scientists name as "sun spot" activity. All of these energetic situations are creating the new rhythm for the new weather cycle patterns on our earth.  Eventually within the next ten years these weather patterns will show up to have a rhythmical flow or cycle which scientists will be able to study and catalog. At present humans see the changing weather patterns as erratic and without an orderly plan, but the Lord of weather elementals says from the big picture plan that is not the truth.
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Spirit told us to take time to meditate and send energy to the elementals of weather forces with the intention to help them absorb and create the new weather cycle balance. 

The elementals have told us that the new laboratory created genetically altered seeds will be devoid of the basic life force of the God Source. These seeds will act like laboratory manufactured clones with no real soul energy. They say that natural seeds contain the life force energy necessary for the development of human and animal  physical body cells plus it is integral to the proper development human brain function. They are concerned that the human body will encounter much more incidence of emotional/ mental imbalance because of the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and most of all, the basic life force, that will not be present in the modern grains we eat each day. They claim that the fairies and elementals do not sense the God Force within the seeds and therefore they will not support the growth of the fruit of this type of altered seed. This will result in disease and fungus developing on the plants from these seeds that have the potential to be almost poisonous to the human body. The fairy kingdom is certainly frustrated with the scientists trying to erase the God Force energy from seeds.

We human souls that are presently in a physical body need the exposure to these galactic interchange energies. These energies will work with our physical body's magnetics and other subtle etheric layer energies of our auras thus  enhancing our openness to accept our individual active part within the evolution of the God Source and Its sacred plan. With this energy resource embraced into our beings, we will be more able to heal ourselves physically during and after this time of exposure. We will eventually  develop conscious and willful depth to our healing abilities. (This will happen within the next 10 years.) Thus we are going to be exposed to new and more varieties of diseases and viral activity to activate the opportunities though which we will grow into and trust our healing abilities. We will be so comfortable with our healing ability that we will not think much about how we do it because we think it and it is accomplished.  By the year 2012 humans will be less interested in health insurance issues, because humans will be healthier due to their own individual ability to manage their own physical health energy. Humans will intuitively and spiritually understand and listen their own body's needs more easily and will have the inner will drive to listen to and work with those needs. This will bring about a deep respect for the human body as the vessel for the soul and as a result bring about more good health. Spirit told us to meditate and spend quiet time to be open to the flow of these new energies and willingly, quietly embrace them through our conscious will decision to work with the God Force to be our own healers. They told us to do this meditation in simple quiet moments several times during each day. 

Entering the year 2000 we will see more incidents of mergers and partnerships being formed on a daily basis. After all, that is one of the primary vibrations of what the number two stands for, partnership. The physical world will demonstrate the partnership concept over and over with more variations of how a true partnership will work. " As above so it is below" is the ancient wise principle of Hermes which is ever active as a viable principle. Thus we are spiritually uniting in partnership in many ways so we will see this unification become physical in our 3rd dimensional world. We are uniting with a closeness to the God Force and we are uniting with each other on all levels towards our oneness. We will not loose our individuality in this process we will ad to it our unity. Because this is the era we will shed the emotional fear based ego of separatism. 

Those who wish to work out relationship issues will be wise to open up to the flow of reinforcing energy sent in during the year 2000 to help us enable active  positive and working relationships which do not take away from independence and individuality but opens the way for unity. 

During the earth time period of January 28 - March 28 the earth and all of humanity will be receiving rays of unique partnership energy which will be warming into the human heart. It will be reaching out to the human mind to energize ideas of how to form sharing, helpful, loving partnerships which can endure and yet not ever reduce any of the partners to a lesser level. This energy ray is being send by a group of white robed beings which are part of a group mind which will surround the earth as a huge ring of angels during the galaxy orbit interchange. They will image and hold the model for intimate, safe, loving, yet independent relationships which bring about unity. We then have the responsibility to tune in and bring into our world the activation of how to live this model. 

Spirit tells us that a finer level of education is coming into being through the use of technology. Some of which has not yet been discovered and another parts of which are already here. 

Spirit also told us about the Horizontal Realms of energy which are now opening up for us. These realms will bring a whole new level of Angelic beings to work with us and empower our physical and spiritual partnerships. The next newsletter will tell you all about how to work with these angels and why you would want to do such work. 

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