Tips from the Guardian Angels
A newsletter with messages brought to you from spirit through Table Tipping.
Produced by TAM Enterprises
Written by Angela M. Mattey

First Edition 12/1998

This newsletter is dedicated to the angels and light beings who channel their messages of love & light
through to us by the  power of our "circle of light" created in spiritual table tipping. 

When I get together with a few students or table tipping  instructors to sit at our round table, we place our hands on its wooden surface after we do our special meditation and prayer for protective White Light. Next we activate the White Light Circle of energy. Then we begin our table tipping session by being open to spirit's thoughts through spiritual telepathy and the actual levitating movement of the physical table by the communicating spirit. Table Tipping is an amazing but difficult to describe personal experience. Not only do you feel the presence of the spiritual energy
present, but you become deeply touched within to your very core by the unconditional love spirit sends to you through the table. Table tipping is such a profound experience that I wrote a book all about how to do it called ---
The Key to Spiritual and Psychic Development Table Tipping. 
Which can be ordered directly throughTAM Enterprises Publishing , for an individual purchase
and it can also bought at  Barnes and Noble bookstores or at your local metaphysical bookstore. The book is available through and Powell's books. If you are a  bookstore owner or manager and wish to purchase the book at wholesale price and quatities and then sell the book, it can be purchased at a discount through the TAM Enterprises distributing dept. or New Leaf Distributing.
The most recent information we received from the light beings from our last table tipping session is centered upon the physical changes we, as humans, will experience in the years 1999 and  2000 because of the shifting earth and dimensional energies that are happening which are directly impacting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Spirit gave us a view of some of the up coming events to expect to occur if we humans continue along our present pathway, economically, politically and communally.

They tell us to be encouraged about many of the medical breakthroughs we will witness  which will help humanity overcome much age old suffering, the common cold, some types of arthritis, viral diseases, certain types of cancer and multiple sclerosis.

They warn us that more economic difficulty will come about during the first six months of 1999 not only for the United States but for most countries, due to world banking changes and spending imbalances. Japan will not begin to recover from their money problems until early to mid-year 2000, which will economically effect many more countries than previously considered possible. They tell us the German and Swiss banks will have difficulties due to past unsettled debts to the Jewish families effected by the holocaust.

Spirit told us there will be problems with new strains of fungi that have the capacity to destroy materials we previously considered to be almost timeless or permanent, one being cement.We were told these fungi were ancient in origin but are reactivated by the unusual global weather, especially the warming of the earth.

Spirit warned us that terrorists activity will escalate because of the U.S. and U.N. war activities in the middle east.They said the U.S. may be still involved militarily with Iraq until sometime in February of 1999. They said  we will be saddened by the resulting instances of hatred actively displayed towards the U.S. because of our recent military actions in the world.

The angels told us that we need to observe our recent weather patterns and correct our calendar season timing through evaluating the seasons as nature presents them. We will notice that our calendars are out of sync with the actual beginning of each season's change. The new time for the start of each season is a few weeks later into our calendar year than before. This seasonal beginning time difference has been caused by earth changes, air current pattern differences (Caused by global warming.) and electro-magnetic changes on the earth's surfaceand atmosphere due to radio, micro and other (unnamed by humans as of yet) energy waves which we create both accidentally and on purpose and quite often irresponsibly use daily.


They told us that the Y2K computer problems will not be as bad as people have feared. They said that small banks may have some problems about correcting  glitched records - but that if you personally keep good records of your banking activity all will be worked out by the banks accurately. The one situation where computers may not work correctly that could create significant problems  will be within the airlines' systems. So spirit advises that you try not to do much air travel near the end of 1999 and early into the year 2000. The angels were emphatic that we humans need to try to let go of our dramatic fears concerning the new millennium itself and our concerns about computer failures. They told us we forget how resourceful and inventive humans are when they remain calm. Spirit sees that we will have some instances of inconvenience but that is all. They warn us to think positively because what we fear we can make happen.

The angels gave us some  practical suggestions as to how to come through these erratic, spontaneously changing times emotionally, mentally and physically balanced,  whole and healthy.

The light beings say it is essential to remain balanced and grounded during these tumultuous times, because if we do not we may easily become so scattered that we could loose our mental balance or even worse our personal sanity. They told us we most often easily become unbalanced through five basic ways:
  • Embracing and giving into our own personal fears and the fears of those who surround us.
  • Through not being fully in the "now" by stressing ourselves about what will happen in the future.
  • Through not  staying in the present by thinking about or longing for the past.
  • By not taking the time to ground our soul into our body when we wake up after a sleep period. The astral realms are very intense battle zones of conflicting thought, emotional energy and "dark" verses "light" ideologies now.  So we tend to leave part of ourselves there when we get up in the morning starting our day with little of our own personal energy and balance.
  • Through complicating our lives by trying to be superhuman, demanding of ourselves to be "the all and everything" to others and trying to live up to humanly unrealistic goals for each day. 
The techniques the angels gave for achieving our personal balance and grounding are as follows:
 # 1. When you get up in the morning face the sun and call in its light energy. Visualize this warm life giving light energy filling into your body. Breathe in its almost electrically charging light and warmth. Send the sun's energy throughout your whole body flowing it through your feet down into the earth while still holding some of its energy within your body for the rest of day. In the evening when the sun goes down, release the rest of its light energy down into the earth while simultaneously you release your thoughts and stresses of the day. Then face the moon ( new, full or at any phase), and visualize it's light energy filling into your body. Feel it calm, nurture and relax your whole self. Then send some of this 
moonlight down into the earth as you reserve some of its energy within your body for the night. The next morning face 
the sun and breathe in the sun's energy as you did during the previous day's sun exercise. But this time release the remaining moonlight into the earth letting go of any fear, anger or sadness you might have.
#2. Visualize a mist of pearlescent  mint green colored vapor-like energy filling your whole auric field. Do a gentle puff of air out of your lips to activate this mist into surrounding you with a healing centered peace. This technique is easy to do and animportant exercise to remember because it will help you to step out of fear and negativity.
#3. Visualize a white cord extending out from the crown of your head going upward to the stars. I concentrate upon sending up and into the Milky Way. Breathe in a light from the stars. You should picture it in any color you like just to mentally "see" it easier. Bring this light into and  flow it throughout your whole body. Then send it down into the earth through your feet. Next  bring it back up through your body again sending it through your cord to the stars. This exercise helps you to remain balanced as a spiritual being with your feet firmly grounded into the material realm of earth. it enables you to bring your spiritual dreams and soul goals into a physical reality with ease.

Copyright Dec. 1998 all rights reserved by Angela M. Mattey
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