Angela M. Mattey

Angela M. Mattey has been researching and teaching table tipping seminars since 1980 helping students to create an active working relationship with their own Inner- Teacher, Angels, Spirit Guides & Cosmic mentors. She discovered that her approach rapidly opened each student's intuitive abilities enabling them to maintain a constant connection with their inner worlds for support and guidance throughout their waking day. Plus it activated deeper meditational and dream life interactions with their higher self and spiritual helpers.

Mattey with a B.S. degree from the University of Dayton, an A.B.A. degree from the University of Urbana and an art education from the Dayton Art Institute was a teacher for 12 years in the Ohio public school system. She is an award winning professional artist who owned two studios in the Phoenix, Az. metropolitan area for eight years. She has earned an inclusion in Who's Who in the West 1998-1999 through her artistic and writing achievements.

She had a proven psychic mother, an Irish-born maternal grandmother who shared her Celtic mysticism (Clairvoyance in reference to the human aura and the fairy kingdom) with Angela during her childhood and a paternal German-born grandfather, who regularly communicated psycho kinetically with the spiritual dimensions. Because of her own special talents and the influence of her inherited environment, Angela lives with a unique working awareness of both the spiritual and physical realms.

Angela a graduate of the Silva Mind system and a certified hypnotherapist, studied psychic awareness and spiritual development at several Southern California metaphysical centers, the University for Humanistic Studies and the Kairos Psychic Institute. The most effective tool she used to develop her abilities with intensity was table tipping in its spiritual form. She has utilized table tipping to: find missing items and people, communicate with Spirit Guides and the Higher Self (The Inner-Teacher), as well as to solve and harmonize various mysterious psychic/spiritual happenings. She taught table tipping, hand-analysis / palmistry, dream interpretation, meditation techniques and psychic development for the City of Phoenix adult education program and for several metaphysical centers in the Phoenix metropolitan area. She lectured and presented table tipping at the National 12:12 Conference in Sedona, Az. She is the founder and director of the American Professional Palmistry Association which is presently based at her and her husband's ranch "The Wild Rose Ranch" in Southern Oregon.

Angela has seen and sensed her guides and other dimensional beings since her youth. She reads cards in the same manner as her mother did, auras as her grandmother had shown her, consciously channels otherís Spirit Guides in personal readings and enjoys table tipping with clients to solve spiritual problems like her grandfather.

Now Angela shares her exciting and successful technique with you in her new book, The Key To Spiritual and Psychic Development - Table Tipping. Learn all about the secret power of the special protective energy circle and how you can experience table tipping as a life-changing tool. Learn all about spirit mediumship through reading this wonderfully spiritual book.

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